Juvenile Impact Program (JIP)
LAPD's Juvenile Division


EDITOR'S NOTE: Not every area of Los Angeles has the Jeopardy (JIP) Program. If you are interested in more information on where it's available, go to the official LAPD web site, and contact them directly using the phone numbers provided at the bottom of the page. CLICK HERE

You might also try calling the LAPD Juvenile Division. CLICK HERE - (213) 486-0500


Juvenile Impact Program (JIP)
LAPD's Juvenile Division

The Juvenile Impact Program was established in 1990 at Central Area. The JIP is an intervention, boot-camp style program for at-risk youth between the ages of 14 through 17. The program, ranging from 10 to 16 weeks in duration, is designed to intervene with at-risk youth, identify issues and causes for delinquent and anti-social behavior, and then develop a comprehensive plan for change. Most youth participants are gang members, gang associates, graffiti vandals and/or habitual truants who enter the program as a result of a negative police contact.

Program Goals

The goal of the program is to enlighten young people of the consequences associated with criminal behavior, teach them that they alone are responsible for their own actions, encourage them to make positive choices, and expose them to rewarding career paths. The ultimate goal is
to have each youth participant complete the program, and remain free from future arrests and/or negative police contacts.

Program Criteria

To participate in the Juvenile Impact Program, a youth participant must meet the following criteria:

Be an at-risk youth;
Boys and girls must be between the ages of 14 through 18, (participants under 14 years of age must be approved by Area commanding officer);
Juvenile must have behavioral/discipline problems;
Must be referred by the Juvenile Court, a police officer, school or parent; and,
Juvenile cannot have serious or violent felony offenses.

Program Outreach

During FY 2004/05, the JIP will service approximately 597 youths at four geographic Area Community Police Stations including Central, 77th Street, Southeast, and Harbor Areas. The Department's JIP sworn personnel work together with the Juvenile Court, local schools, and parents of the participants to make a "military style" boot camp successful. The JIP receives its referrals from the Juvenile Court, schools, teachers, parents and Department personnel.

Program Costs

The juvenile's parents incur most or all the costs for their child to participate in the program. All monies paid for the program are non-refundable and are paid to the Area Boosters.

Registration Fee

The parents pay a registration fee of $75.00 for the 10-week program. This fee covers the following expenses:

Physical training clothing (navy-blue sweatshirt, sweatpants and T -shirt with name stenciled, navy-blue baseball cap);
Water for participants for all 10 weeks;
Two meals (first week and last week). During the other eight weeks, the youth participants provide their own meals;
Personal hygiene and first-aid supplies (razors, feminine products, etc.);
Transportation for last week (assist with cost for chartered bus for one-day trip to the United States Marine Corps Recruit Depot);
Supplemental group insurance and physical exam (offered by Kaiser Permanente Hospital);
Graduation barbecues for juvenile participants and their families; and,
Scholarship Fund ($250.00 savings bond is awarded to top graduate from each class, plus any additional cost they may need assistance with while attending college).

Classroom Instruction Fee

The youth participant's parents pay an additional fee of $30.00 for the Adult School classroom instruction that is provided for the parents and the juveniles. This fee covers the following:

One Spanish speaking teacher (parenting class);
One English speaking teacher (parenting class); and,
One teacher for a behavioral modification/life skills class designed for youth participants.

Graduation Cost

Parents must supply their child's graduation uniform, which conforms to the following:

Long-sleeve white shirt with a collar; and,
Black tie/pants/belt/dress shoes.

Program Funding

The following Area Juvenile Impact Programs received grant funds for FY 2004/05:

....Source of Grant:
Central Area
$ 7,000
....Midnight Mission.
Harbor Area
$ 19,000
....Mayor's Block Grant/Juvenile Justice Delinquency