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January 3, 2017

Law Enforcement News

Off-duty LAPD officer killed in New Year's morning crash in Simi Valley
An off-duty Los Angeles police officer was killed overnight when two cars, including one being used as an Uber, crashed in Simi Valley, authorities said. Officer Heather Monroe was a passenger in the car that collided with the Uber at the intersection of Cochran Street and Sycamore Drive shortly after 2:10 a.m. Sunday, said Cmdr. Robert Brill of the Simi Valley Police Department.  Lou Turriaga, a director for the union that represents rank-and-file LAPD officers, spent Sunday at roll-call meetings with officers who worked with Monroe. Many were distraught, he said, and were offered time away from work to process the news. “It hits you hard,” Turriaga said, pausing as he spoke. "It takes the air out of you."
Los Angeles Times

Trooper Landon Weaver was killed Friday evening while responding to a reported violation of a protection-from-abuse order
A state police trooper who was shot to death while responding to a domestic incident in rural central Pennsylvania was remembered Monday as a model officer. Gov. Tom Wolf and Col. Tyree Blocker, the state police commissioner, paid tribute to 23-year-old Landon Weaver after meeting with employees at the Huntingdon state police station where Weaver worked.
Associated Press

Violent crime in L.A. jumps for third straight year as police deal with gang, homeless issues
Violent crime increased in Los Angeles for the third straight year as police tried to stem a rash of homicides and gang-related shootings while dealing with a growing homeless population. With more than 290 people killed in the city this year, homicides also rose for the third year in a row. Still, the city remains far safer than a decade ago, when 480 people were killed and there were 46% more robberies than this year.
Los Angeles Times

Police Hunt 3 Suspects In Fatal Stabbing Of 22-Year-Old Man
Homicide Detectives with the LAPD's Northeast division are hoping the public can lead them to the suspects who fatally stabbed a 22-year-old man. Early Monday morning, around 2:15, patrol  officers  responded to a call of an “ambulance cutting” on the 2600 block of Jeffries Avenue.

Five From East LA Arrested In Chinatown Street Robberies
Los Angeles police have arrested a gang of robbery suspects that they say were targeting Chinatown residents as they walked on the street.  The suspects would typically approach Chinatown residents - primarily men in their 20s or elderly women - and attack them on the street, taking cellphones, purses, jewelry, police said.  The attacks - at least eight of them - generally happened between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. for over a month. Some victims suffered minor injuries during the robberies.

Police Investigate Possible Home Invasion Robbery In Sunland
Police Tuesday investigated a possible  home  invasion robbery in Sunland. Firefighters responded shortly after 4 a.m. to the 10200 block of Fairgrove Avenue for report of a man attempting to set a  house  on fire.  No suspect description has been provided.

'HOLLYWeeD' Prankster's Identity Remains a Mystery
The famous Hollywood sign was back to normal Monday, but the identity of the person who draped two "e"s over the "o"s to make it "HOLLYWeeD" in what appears to be a large-scale New Year's prank, remains a mystery. A longtime resident who lives just below the sign told NBC4 that extra security for the holiday weekend has helped reduce the daily car and foot traffic, but he was surprised someone managed to dodge security to change the sign.

Man smashes 29 car windows in Koreatown
A man was arrested Monday night for allegedly smashing windows of more than 20 cars in the Koreatown area of Los Angeles, authorities said. It happened at about 9:15 p.m. at Third and Berendo streets, said Sgt. F. Carrillo of the Los Angeles Police Department's Olympic Station.
FOX 11

Driver Who Led CHP on Pursuit, Hit Patrol Car in Maserati SUV Sought
Authorities Monday sought the public's help in locating the driver who bailed out of a silver Maserati SUV after crashing it into a California Highway Patrol car during a chase in North Hollywood. The short pursuit began at 8:27 p.m. Friday on the 170 Freeway at Magnolia Boulevard, said CHP Officer Alex Rubio.

California gun owners brace for shortages, price hikes under new ammo regs
California lawmakers and voters passed a slew of gun control laws in 2016 that impose significant new restrictions on the state's more than 6 million firearms owners. The new regulations, which take effect in stages over the next two years, affect a broad range of practices, from where you buy your ammunition to how you store your guns and who can borrow them.
Sacramento Bee

New 2017 Driving Laws In California
When you get behind the wheel on Sunday there will be some new California laws you'll need to know about - or be prepared to pay a ticket.One of the new laws targets a loophole for those using their phone while driving. Drivers could claim they were using their GPS to fight a ticket for using their mobile devices while driving.

Chicago records 762 homicides in 2016, up 57 percent from previous year
The city of Chicago recorded 762 homicides in 2016 — an average of two murders per  day , the most killings in the city for two decades and more than New York and Los Angeles combined. The nation's third largest city also saw 1,100 more shooting incidents than it did in 2015, according to statistics released by the Chicago Police Department that underlined a  story  of bloodshed that has put Chicago at the center of a national dialogue about gun violence.
Fox News

Trump says Chicago must seek U.S. help if no progress cutting murders
U.S. President-elect Donald Trump said in a Twitter message on Monday that Chicago's mayor must ask for U.S. government help if the city fails to reduce its homicide rate, which hit a 20-year high in 2016. The city responded that Trump and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel had previously spoken and agreed to ways the federal government could help.

Appeals Court: Minnesota Sex Offender Program Constitutional

Minnesota's program for keeping sex offenders confined after they complete their prison sentences is constitutional, a federal appeals court ruled Tuesday, reversing a lower-court judge who said it violates offenders' rights because hardly anyone is ever released.
Associated Press

Fewer Americans Are Acquiring Guns Without a Background Check, Survey Finds
The share of Americans obtaining a gun without first undergoing a background check is dramatically lower than previous estimates, researchers have determined. The finding reshapes one of the most prominent assumptions of the U.S. gun debate. Just 22 percent of current gun owners who acquired a firearm within the past two years reported doing so without a background check, according to a new national survey by public health researchers at Harvard and Northeastern universities shared in advance with The Trace and  The Guardian .
The Trace

Cruel bully or modern-day Wyatt earp? Sheriff's mixed legacy
The full-throated bravado that made Sheriff Joe Arpaio a household name in debates over illegal immigration and the treatment of jail inmates was missing as he started his last news conference in a law enforcement career that spanned a half-century.
Associated Press

Public Safety News

Photojournalist rescues driver trapped in burning car
A local news  photographer helped save a man's life early New Year's Day after he witnessed a fiery crash on the Harbor (110) Freeway. Just before 3:30 a.m. Sunday, the California  Highway  Patrol responded to a crash on the 110 Freeway near Gage Avenue. A dark colored SUV was reported stalled on the northbound side of the freeway and "blacked out" in the lanes without lights on.
FOX 11

Local Government News

From immigration to short-term housing to street vendors, L.A. City Hall faces a heavy agenda
Los Angeles City Hall gets back to work this week, facing an ambitious and, in some ways, divisive agenda ahead of several key elections. The council will take up some hot-button issues tied to immigrants, the new economy and homelessness. In the shadow of all this is Mayor Eric Garcetti's reelection bid and a citywide vote on a growth measure.
Los Angeles Times

Can a $100,000 grant revive the Triforium, L.A.'s 'weird, strange beacon'?
Through its first 41 years, the concrete tripod with the rainbow swirl  across from Los Angeles City Hall has done nothing so well as inspire  clever putdowns. The 60-foot sculpture, christened the Triforium in 1975, was soon mocked as the “Trifoolery" and "Three Wishbones in Search of a Turkey."
Los Angeles Times

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