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May 12, 2017

Law Enforcement News

California Cops Shave Heads In Support Of Officer With Cancer
An officer diagnosed with breast cancer received a surprise when she walked into a barbershop to get a touch-up on her shave. Leslie O'Toole walked into the barbershop Wednesday to see her colleagues from the San Rafael Police Department lining up to shave their heads in solidarity, KTVU reported. O'Toole has been in law enforcement since she was a teenager. She began her career as a dispatcher before she joined the department as an officer 11 years ago. O'Toole found a golf ball size tumor while doing a self-exam. She'll continue chemotherapy and is scheduled for a mastectomy later this year. She told KTVU she doesn't mind talking about cancer because she “wants it to be a comfortable topic.” Sgt. Carl Huber said the department wanted to make sure “she knows she doesn't face this alone.” "If people ask about it, it will be a nice way to tell them about Leslie, and what we're out here to do for her," Detective Ryan de Marta said. The department has set up a Facebook page,  Warrior529 , to document her journey and help raise money.

LAPD Hosts Gun Buyback To Get Unwanted Guns Off LA Streets
The LAPD and community leaders are gearing up for another push to get unwanted guns off the streets. Gun buyback events will be held Saturday at the LA Sports Arena, and in Mission Hills. People who turn in firearms can get up to $200 in gift cards - no questions asked. Gift cards worth $100 will be handed out in exchange for handguns, shotguns and rifles. Those turning in assault weapons, as classified by the state of California, will be given $200 gift cards. Quantities of gift cards are limited and subject to availability. The LAPD asks that firearms be brought to the eventunloaded and locked in vehicle trunks. There is no limit to the number of firearms that can be surrendered. However, there may be a limit on the number of gift cards an individual can receive.
FOX 11

First-Responders Save Woman Determined To Jump From 22-Story Building
First-responders pulled off a dramatic rescue Thursday saving the life of a woman who threatened to jump from the roof of a 22-story building in Sherman Oaks. She was perched on the edge when police and firefighters rushed to save her. Among the LAPD officers — Rodginald Cayette. He began talking to the distraught woman and tried to gain her trust. “She was agitated with people coming closer, she didn't want anyone to come, she threatened to jump every time we got closer.” says Cayette. As he listened to the woman's troubles, Officer Antonio Canchola was also trying to slowly approach. “If we go and try to grab her and she sees us, she could jump or we could go with her and that's all going through our minds,” Canchola told  CBS2's Rachel Kim. The officers said the time they spent on the roof felt like an eternity, not knowing what would happen. With the woman's legs dangling from the ledge, they did the best they could to get her to come toward them.

LAPD Officer Cleared In Off-Duty Killing Of 19-Year-Old Robber
The Los Angeles Board of Police Commissioners cleared an officer who was off duty when he fatally shot a 19-year-old man who was trying to rob him at a fast-food restaurant in Covina, according to documents released Wednesday. The shooting occurred around 3:15 p.m. last July 6 at a Carl's Jr. in the 500 block of North Azusa Avenue. Victor Vidal Sigala died at the scene after attempting to rob the officer of his cell phone, according to a report prepared by LAPD Chief Charlie Beck. Sigala approached the officer, who was not identified in the report, and lifted up his shirt to show that he had a handgun in his pants while demanding the officer's cell phone, Beck wrote. Witnesses corroborated that Sigala was trying to rob the officer, Beck wrote, and the officer, fearing for his life and the safety of the patrons in the restaurant, drew his service pistol and shot Sigala in the chest three times, the chief said. Beck wrote that the shooting was justified, and the commission agreed on a 5-0 vote on Tuesday.

Man, 50, Accused Of Trying To Sexually Assault Woman Inside Church
Detectives with the LAPD's Hollenbeck division have arrested a 50-year-old man they said tried to commit a sexual assault inside a church. Detectives are also  seeking additional witnesses or victims who may have had contact with James Melendez. This past Sunday, around 10:40 a.m., police said Melendez attacked the victim in the sacristy (or vestry) room belonging to a local church located on 3300 block of Opal Street in Los Angeles. The victim was able to fend off the attack and police said Melendez fled the location in his vehicle. Melendez's vehicle was later located and impounded by police. Melendez was arrested on Tuesday. He was booked for assault with the intent to commit sexual assault. Melendez is in custody and being held on a $100,000 bond.

Police Arrest Thousand Oaks Boy In Connection With Beating Of Ex-NFL Star Erik Kramer's Son
A Thousand Oaks boy has been arrested in connection with the March 24 videotaped beating of 18-year-old Dillon Kramer at a Canoga Park house party, authorities said on Thursday. The boy was named and police only referred to him as a male juvenile, but he was arrested on suspicion of felony battery, said Los Angeles Police Department Officer Rosaria Herrera. No other information about the arrest or incident was provided. Kramer, whose father is former NFL quarterback Erik Kramer, suffered a concussion in the incident, in which he was beaten by multiple people, his mother has said. She did not return a request for comment on Thursday but posted the same day on her personal Facebook page that “Arrest number ONE yesterday!!! Closure on the way for Dillon!!! Thank GOD!!!” In a short video of the beating posted online, someone can be heard yelling “Is that Dillon? Is that Dillon? Don't (expletive) with Dillon” as well as a woman screaming. At least five people appear to punch Dillon as he raises his hands to protect his head. He later gets kicked in the face and someone then falls into a pool.
Los Angeles Daily News

LAPD Searches For Puppy Thief Caught On Camera At Pet Rescue
"I feel defeated", Johnny Gearhart, the founder of the Birdhouse Doghouse Rescue Foundation tells me, tears in his eyes. "How can someone do this? We save dogs from bad situations to find them good homes and then the puppy is stolen?!" Johnny is referring to a cruel crime that happened at his North Hollywood rescue on April 24th. It was 1:30 in the afternoon when Gearhart says the woman, seen below with a very distinctive tattoo on her upper left arm, walked into his shop on Lankershim. At first, he says, she pretended to look at the rescues up for adoption but suddenly she made her move. Opening a door clearly marked "employees only" and ripping a puppy off its mother's chest as it nursed. The volunteer on duty at the time tried to stop her but says the suspect knocked her to the ground. "She line-backed her", says Keith Kirkwood, a former professional fighter who also volunteers at the rescue. "It was an assault."
FOX 11

LAPD Urge Safety When Recording Videos In Tense Situations Such As Dog Attacks, Fights
As more people capture fights, road rage incidents or dog attacks on video, Los Angeles police understand the need for the added evidence but want people to also be mindful of the situation. One of the latest incidents happened Wednesday in downtown L.A., when three pit bulls attacked a man and people recorded the scene. Police used batons, but when that didn't work, they shot the dogs. Two of the dogs were killed and another one was wounded. The victim suffered multiple dog bites and his small pet was killed in the attack. Authorities urge people who witness a dog attack or another dangerous situation to call 911 with your cellphone first. "Sometimes what we see is a lot of video cameras and maybe someone is assuming someone else has already called the police - that's dangerous. It's dangerous for everyone involved and it's dangerous for us as a community," Detective Meghan Aguilar said. Videos shared on social media end up on the news at times or go viral. People who spoke with Eyewitness News said they would not record a fight or attack.

Ex-LA County Sheriff Lee Baca To Be Sentenced On Jail Corruption Charges
Former Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca is scheduled to be sentenced in federal court Friday, two months after a jury found him guilty of obstruction of justice and other charges stemming from an FBI probe into inmate abuse inside Men's Central Jail. Federal prosecutors had said in court documents that Baca should be sentenced to more than four years in federal prison. But because of his age and mental condition — Baca has said he is in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease — they recommended a two-year sentence instead. It's unclear if U.S. District Court Judge Percy Anderson will accept their recommendation. Last July, Anderson rejected a plea deal between Baca and prosecutors of a six-month sentence for lying to federal investigators about the probe of inmate abuse in Men's Central Jail. Anderson told Baca a six-month sentence trivializes his role in the events that led to deputies covering up abuses, looking the other way and altering records. The former sheriff was ordered to enter a plea and stand trial on three counts: obstruction of justice, conspiracy to obstruct justice and giving false statements to federal investigators looking into corruption and excessive force inside the jails in 2011.
Los Angeles Daily News

NY Senate Passes Police Protection Act
A bill passed by the New York State Senate would increase penalties for crimes committed against police officers. The Community Heroes Protection Act classifies crimes against police officers, firefighters and EMTs as hate crimes, if the crime was committed based on their professions, a press release said. First responders are not identified as victims under the current definition of a hate crime. Sen. Patrick Gallivan, a former sheriff, said in the release that those who target first responders “must be held accountable for their despicable and hateful acts.” “This legislation will send a clear message that we will not tolerate attacks on our community heroes and that we stand by those who serve and protect the citizens of New York,” he said. The bill now heads to the State Assembly.

Public Safety News

100 Firefighters, Officers Honored During Valor Awards Ceremony
The Los Angeles County Fire Department honored more than 100 firefighters, police officers and citizens for their bravery and heroic actions during the annual Valor Awards Ceremony. ABC7 anchor Marc Brown emceed the Wednesday ceremony, recognizing the outstanding work done by teams of firefighters and individuals. All of the recipients were recognized for their courage, but some were singled out for putting themselves in extreme personal risk.

Local Government News

LA County Supervisor Kathryn Barger Pushes For Balanced Budget, Public Safety During Inaugural Speech
Public safety, economic growth, transportation and fighting homelessness were among the top priorities listed Thursday by Supervisor Kathryn Barger who laid out her plans for Los Angeles County during her inaugural state-of-the-county address in the Santa Clarita Valley. Barger, who along with Janice Hahn was sworn in as supervisor in December, told a full room inside the Hyatt Regency Valencia that one of her top priorities remains balancing the needs of the county's most vulnerable with the responsibility of balancing a budget. The board is expected to vote on a proposed $30 billion budget in June. “My greatest concern being on this board is to maintain a balanced budget and ensuring we truly are the stewards in protecting tax payers' dollars,” she said at the event, hosted by the Santa Clarita Valley Chamber of Commerce. Barger, who replaced termed-out Supervisor Michael Antonovich, represents the 5th District, which spans more than 2,800 square miles and stretches from Gorman to Glendora and includes the Antelope, Santa Clarita and parts of the San Fernando and San Gabriel valleys.
Los Angeles Daily News


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