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June 29, 2017

Law Enforcement News

Inmate Fatally Shot After Critically Wounding Tenn. Deputy
An inmate was fatally shot after attacking a deputy during transport. According to The Tennessean, two deputies were transporting the inmate to an outpatient clinic Wednesday when the inmate grabbed an officer's gun and shot him. The deputy was critically injured and transported to a local hospital. The extent of his injuries is unknown. The other deputy returned fire, killing the inmate. The clinic tweeted that the threat was contained. The hospital was on lockdown while officers clear the building. 

2 LAFD Firefighters Among 4 Injured In Ambulance Crash
Two firefighters were among four people injured Wednesday when a Los Angeles Fire Department ambulance crashed with a car in Pacoima, officials said. The crash was reported just before 11 a.m. in the 12700 block of West Osborne Street, the LAFD said. The ambulance had its sirens on when it made a turn at an intersection and collided with a white Toyota Camry. Two of the injured were firefightters and the third was a female patient riding in the back of the ambulance, the LAFD said. All three suffered minor injuries and were in fair condition. The fourth person, whose condition was not immediately known, was freed from the mangled Camry. Officials said that person was expected to survive. 
BC 4

Los Angeles Fashion District Salesman, 24, Shot To Death
A 24-year-old salesman who worked in the Fashion District was shot to death in the Westlake area. Now, police are searching for his killer.  Fredis Mejia was standing on the sidewalk in the 400 block of North Coronado Street on June 9 around 8:40 p.m. when he was shot multiple times, Los Angeles police said.  The suspect or suspects then took off on foot in an unknown direction.  Los Angeles Fire Department paramedics responded to the scene of the shooting, where Mejia was pronounced dead.  Investigators said Mejia worked in the Fashion District and did not have any gang affiliation.  If you have any information about this crime, you're urged to contact Detective Martinez at (213) 484-3642 or Detective Chung at (213) 484-3643.

Officer Fatally Shoots Armed Man In Westlake District: LAPD
An officer shot and killed a man with a gun in the Westlake area of Los Angeles on Wednesday, police said. Officers were conducting their regular patrol of the neighborhood when, just after 7 p.m., they came across a man with a gun on the 400 block of Witmer Street, said Sal Ramirez, a public information officer with the Los Angeles Police Department. The officers attempted to de-escalate the situation verbally, ordering the man — described as a Latino in his 40s — to put his gun down, according to LAPD Sgt. Barry Montgomery. When he refused to comply, the officers fired a bean-bag gun, but that measure was ineffective in mitigating the threat, Montgomery said. An officer-involved shooting occurred and the man was struck. Police did not say how many bullets were discharged or how many officers fired their weapons. Officials requested an ambulance, but the man died before he could be transported for treatment, Montgomery said. A handgun was later recovered from the scene.

Hit-and-Run Driver Crashes Lamborghini Into Row of Cars in West Hollywood
Police were looking for the driver of a Lamborghini who crashed the convertible white sports car into parked cars early Thursday in West Hollywood. The crash was reported just after midnight at Romaine Street and North Genesee Avenue, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff West Hollywood station.  Witnesses said the driver the Lamborgini appeared to be speeding when he lost control and crashed into at least two parked cars. The crash also damaged a carport. Witnesses reported seeing two men getting out of the Lamborghini and running away after it crashed.

Cyberattack stalls operations at Port of Los Angeles
The Port of Los Angeles' largest cargo terminal had its operations snarled for a second day on Wednesday after it was targeted in a global cyberattack that left many major companies scrambling. Though the Port of Los Angeles wasn't expecting any new ships until Thursday, the widespread ransomware attack is still wreaking havoc on operations. The APM terminal is the largest terminal at the Port of LA. It was struck by the ransomware virus Tuesday morning, right after a ship pulled out around 6 a.m. Because of the cyberattack, the terminal has been forced to shut down operations, including cargo moving and trucking work.

A veteran lieutenant announces candidacy for L.A. County sheriff, the first to challenge Jim McDonnell
Three years ago, candidates for Los Angeles County sheriff jostled over who had the best claim to be the type of “outsider” who could clean up a department mired in jail abuse and corruption scandals. Alex Villanueva says it's time to flaunt being an insider again. Standing next to the East Los Angeles station where he once served as a young deputy, Villanueva, now a lieutenant, said Wednesday that his three-decade tenure with the agency gives him the insight needed to improve the department. He is the first to challenge incumbent Jim McDonnell in next year's election. McDonnell, who had served as Long Beach police chief after a long career with the Los Angeles Police Department, was the first outsider in a century to win the sheriff's job in 2014.
Los Angeles Times

O.C. sheriff takes aim at ACLU over jails report and swats away rumors over her decision to retire
Under intense scrutiny over her handling of Orange County's jails, Sheriff Sandra Hutchens railed Wednesday against a scathing report on jail conditions released this week by the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California, saying the report was rife with inaccuracies and “purposely distorted” facts.  She also insisted that  her announcement Tuesday  that she will not seek reelection in 2018 — which came within hours of the ACLU report's release and advocates' calls for her to resign — had nothing to do with the report or those demands.
Los Angeles Times

SF violates police officer rights in misconduct cases, court says
San Francisco is violating the rights of police officers accused of misconduct by failing to give them a hearing to appeal the city Police Commission's decision to suspend or fire them, a state appeals court ruled Wednesday. The First District Court of Appeal said San Francisco must change its procedures and allow police to appeal disciplinary action to city officials before going to court. The panel's ruling upholds a judge's decision to reinstate a fired officer. California requires a local government employer that has decided to punish an officer to provide “an opportunity for the officer to convince the employer to reverse that decision,” Justice Jon Streeter said in the 3-0 decision. That law, commonly known as the Peace Officers' Bill of Rights, was sponsored by police groups in 1978 to provide protections for officers facing discipline.
San Francisco Chronicle

California To Stop Suspending Licenses For Traffic Fines
Californians will no longer face losing their driver's licenses because of unpaid traffic fines starting next month. Gov. Jerry Brown said the punishment doesn't help the state collect unpaid fines and can send low-income people into a cycle of job losses and more poverty. The policy will help ensure people's lives are not derailed by traffic tickets, said Sen. Bob Hertzberg, a Van Nuys Democrat who has championed the issue in the Legislature. Brown, a Democrat, approved the provision as part of a series of bills he signed Tuesday to enact the state budget. It will prevent courts from suspending someone's driver's license simply because of unpaid fines. Brown called for ending the practice in his January budget proposal, saying “there does not appear to be a strong connection” between the license suspensions and collecting. “Often, the primary consequence of a driver's license suspension is the inability to legally drive to work or take one's children to school,” the Democratic governor wrote. 
Associated Press

Calif. Regulators Temporarily Block Assault Weapon Rules
alifornia regulators announced Tuesday that they have temporarily blocked proposed new  rules  on assault weapons. The state's  Office  of Administrative Law released a two-paragraph notice, without explanation, rejecting the proposed regulations submitted by the state Department of Justice in May. Spokesmen for  Attorney  General Xavier Becerra, who runs the department, did not return multiple requests for comment. Gun-owners' rights groups said the proposed regulations would include too many firearms in the state's assault weapons definition. Lawmakers passed a bill last year to outlaw new rifles that include devices known as “bullet buttons,” which help gun users rapidly reload. The buttons let shooters quickly remove ammunition magazines using the tip of a bullet or other small  tool , and were developed by manufacturers to get around a California ban on new rifles with magazines that can be detached without the aid of tools.

What Cops Know
Most Chicago police officers, especially old-timers, have heard of Connie Fletcher's 1990 book  What Cops Know . The best-selling collection of war stories and earned wisdom from members of the Chicago Police Department grew out of a 1987 article of the same name that Fletcher wrote for this magazine. At the time, the crack epidemic was ramping up and the city would soon be flirting with 1,000 homicides a year. The cops' raw, unvarnished anecdotes portrayed neighborhoods in free fall, crawling with dope dealers, junkies, and gang soldiers. Thirty years on, Chicago is again in the grip of a violent crime wave, but the dynamics are different, even more chaotic. The public debate has changed, too, with the actions of cops called into question in ways that, in many officers' eyes, have made the job harder.  Over the past six years covering crime for the  Chicago Tribune , I've interviewed scores of police officers and gotten to know more than a few. 

Local Government News

L.A. City Council Approves Raises Of Up To 22% For About 9,000 DWP Workers
In a big victory for labor, the Los Angeles City Council on Wednesday approved a contract giving six raises in five years to members of the Department of Water and Power's biggest union. The vote came despite objections from some council members over what they considered a rushed process that didn't give them time to scrutinize the deal. It also is expected to open the door for other labor groups at City Hall to demand generous salary packages at a time when the city is struggling with tight budgets and financial woes. Although Mayor Eric Garcetti and other city leaders say the DWP contract will result in better utility services, others fear it will leave the city on the hook for more employee raises as other unions negotiate contracts. “This puts us in a weak position moving forward,” said Councilman Mitch O'Farrell, who voted against the deal. “I would use this as a starting point for my own union.” 
Los Angeles Times

Rumble Strips Installed To Deter Street Racing In Chatsworth
In an effort to combat illegal  street  racing, rumble strips were installed Wednesday in Chatsworth. The strips were placed on Plummer  Street  between Canoga Avenue and Topanga Boulevard, which is a frequent site for street racing and an area where two spectators were killed in 2015. The problem has become so prevalent, officials said the area has become known as the "Canoga Speedway."  "Illegal street racing is dangerous and has resulted in the injury or death of both participants and bystanders," Councilmember Mitchell Englander said. "These new rumble strips have the potential to prevent such activity before it begins by making the road unsuitable for racing without impeding the regular flow of traffic. We are also sending a message that our neighborhood streets are not race tracks and that we will not tolerate the kind of reckless activity that puts people's lives at risk."  The Plummer Street installation marks the first time the technology has been used to combat street racing in Los Angeles. 
FOX 11

Sales Tax Hike To Take Effect In LA County
If you were on the fence about whether to buy that new car or some other pricey  investment , you may want to do it before this weekend. Starting July 1, the sales tax  rate  in Los Angeles County will jump by a half-percent from 8.75 to 9.25 percent under Measure M approved by  California  voters in Nov. 2016. The new  tax rate  applies to the county of Los Angeles, including all cities and unincorporated areas. Officials say the county's Board of Equalization will not implement Measure H, a sales tax for homeless services and prevention, at this time, though the measure may implemented at a later date.


About the LAPPL Formed in 1923, the Los Angeles Police Protective League (LAPPL) represents the more than 9,900 dedicated and professional sworn members of the Los Angeles Police Department. The LAPPL serves to advance the interests of LAPD officers through legislative and legal advocacy, political action and education. The LAPPL can be found on the Web at: