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August 4, 2017

Law Enforcement News

What It's Like For LAPD Cops To Wear Body Cams
It's a relatively quiet night in downtown Los Angeles when LAPD Sgt. Fabian Ospina hears a call over the radio. It's a four-15 police code for an unknown disturbance. It turns out a man has just assaulted someone and tried to set a fire in a stairwell at a nearby drug rehabilitation center. "We're looking for a male white wearing an orange shirt," he explains. The sergeant turns on his body camera as he steps out of his patrol car and onto the sidewalk to find his officers. The suspect is long gone, and he turns it off. Ospina meets up with Officer Oscar Orosco, who activated his camera the moment he first responded about 15 minutes earlier. 

Bus Window Shattered By Gunshot In South L.A.
The window of a bus driving through South Los Angeles was shattered by a gunshot Thursday morning, authorities said.  Shortly after 6 a.m., officers were called to the intersection of 117th Street and Figueroa Street, where the bus had stopped, according to Los Angeles Police Department Lt. Melody Hainline. One shot by a small caliber gun shattered the front side window of the bus while it was traveling southbound at Broadway and Manchester Avenue. A handful of passengers and the driver were on the bus, but no one was injured, according to officials.

$50K Reward Offered In Harbor City Barbecue Stand Killing
A $50,000 reward was announced Thursday to find the person who gunned down a woman who had been working at a barbecue stand in Harbor City. Jennifer Dickerson, 31, was hit by gunfire in the 1300 block of Pacific Coast Highway in Harbor City when several shots were fired at her barbecue stand at about 1:30 p.m. on July 29, 2016, Los Angeles police officials said. Dickerson was taken to a hospital, where she died from her injuries.  No suspect or vehicle description was given in the shooting.

Caught On Video: Cyclists Yank Driver Out Of Car In Koreatown
A confrontation between a driver and a group of bicyclists was caught on video in Koreatown. The incident happened at about 10:30 p.m. Thursday near 6th Street and Hobart in Koreatown. A bystander captured the confrontation with a cell phone camera. Witnesses say a group of bicyclists including children were on a night ride through the area and were lawfully going through an intersection. They continued through the intersection even when their light turned red, but other drivers were giving them the right away, according to witnesses except one. The driver of a white BMW sedan apparently became impatient and began inching through the intersection and hit one of the cyclists, according to a LAPD watch commander. 

60-Year-Old Man Charged In Slaying Of Officer Collin Rose
Authorities have charged a 60-year-old man with first-degree murder in the slaying of a Wayne State University police officer near the campus in Detroit last November. Raymond Durham was accused Thursday of shooting Collin Rose in the head on Nov. 22 as the officer was investigating possible thefts of navigation systems from cars. Rose died the next day. Detroit Police Chief James Craig had said DNA evidence linked Durham to the shooting and Durham was named the prime suspect in that case.  Durham was charged in March with attempted murder in the wounding of two Detroit police officers who stopped him. In May, Durham was found incompetent to stand trial in those shootings, which were not related to the slaying of Rose
Associated Press

Woodland Hills Woman Ordered To Pay More Than $200K To Clients She Defrauded As A Fortune Teller
A Woodland Hills fortune teller started seeing a new vision for her future while in court Wednesday over allegations that she defrauded people for more than $200,000. Melissa Lee, who was the focus of an Eyewitness News investigation, was in court when the judge said she defrauded eight people. She agreed to a plea deal that would keep her out of prison as long as she adhered to a schedule to pay back all the money. Lee is suspected of obtaining the money by telling clients that their money had to be handed over to her temporarily so that it could be cleansed of bad energy. 

Police Seek Gunman Who Wounded 3 At San Francisco Park
Police continued the hunt for a gunman who opened fire in a Mission District park crowded with parents, children and tourists on a warm summer's day, wounding three people and sending panicky people running for safety. Investigators were trying to determine a motive for Thursday's attack, which turned normally peaceful Dolores Park into a chaotic scene of bleeding victims and fleeing visitors. A man who identified himself only as Hatter said the attack came after park regulars confronted about a half-dozen men who were shouting and acting threateningly on a park bridge. Some of those men wore bandannas covering most of their faces, he said. 
Associated Press

California Inmates 80 And Over Could Get Out Earlier
Some elderly prison inmates would become eligible for parole sooner under a proposed November 2018 ballot measure cleared to begin gathering signatures Thursday. The measure, sponsored by Pasadena attorney Charles W. Funaro II, would create the Elderly Parole Program. California prison inmates who are 80 or older, have served at least 10 years behind bars, have not been sentenced to death or life without possibility of parole, and who are not covered by parole prohibitions imposed by other ballot measures, would be eligible for parole. California's existing elderly parole process followed a federal court's 2014 order requiring the state to reduce its prison population. 
Sacramento Bee

Police In California Will Soon Record The Race Of Everyone They Stop
Under a state law signed by Gov. Jerry Brown in 2015, police in California are supposed to record the race of everyone they stop and enter that information into a statewide database. The law, which has not yet taken effect, is meant to track the actions of officers and see if they are disproportionately targeting certain racial groups. State Attorney General Xavier Becerra is taking comment until August 16 on how the law could be regulated before it's finally in effect. So how would the law work? When police stop you, they will note certain details about you. "The officers are supposed to only report the perceived race, as well as perceived gender and sexual orientation of the person they've stopped," says Jack Glaser, professor of public policy at UC Berkeley and author of, "Suspect Race: Causes and Consequences of Racial Profiling."

Ford Works With Police Agencies After Cops Sickened By Fumes
A growing number of police departments across the country are taking action over concerns that carbon monoxide fumes from Ford Explorer patrol vehicles are seeping inside the SUVs, potentially sickening officers. Several departments, including Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and the Vermont State Police, are inspecting their fleets or have installed carbon monoxide monitors in the vehicles. At least two departments in Texas and one in Massachusetts have gone further, pulling some or all their Ford Explorers off the road.  Ford Motor Co. has promised to repair the vehicles and investigate the cause. The auto company has suggested police departments may have created the problem when they added equipment after delivery. 
Associated Press

Public Safety News

LA County District Attorney Honors Courageous Citizens
A man who thwarted an attack on a boy in a Long Beach restaurant bathroom and a Los Angeles resident who was stabbed when he came to a teenager's aid were among four people honored Wednesday as courageous citizens by Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey. Patrick Connell, 37, of Carlsbad, was lauded for intervening in March 2016 when he saw Herbert Laurence Harris pulling a 13-year-old boy as he gasped for air and extended his arms for help. He pushed Harris to the wall, took the teen back to his family's table and told them what had happened, according to the District Attorney's Office. Harris, 48, pleaded no contest a year later to one felony count each of kidnapping and child abuse, and was sentenced to 22 years in state prison.

LA County Fire Department Vows To Recruit More Women
Standing at attention in identical navy uniforms, 49 eager recruits from class 148 graduated from the Los Angeles County Fire Department training center last month in East Los Angeles. Shoulders back, eyes straight ahead, the recruits swore an oath to protect and serve their community. Forty-seven of the recruits were men. Two were women. Ariana Alvarado was one of those women. She endured a grueling 17-week gauntlet of physical and written tests to graduate on July 21. "Sometimes there are days when you feel down or you feel tired and your body feels broken," said Alvarado, 30, from Riverside County. "I made it." 

Local Government News

Man Gets $650K Payout After Fighting Los Angeles Parking Ticket
The City Council on Wednesday approved a $650,000 payout for a man who successfully fought how the city of Los Angeles processes challenges to parking tickets. Cody Weiss, who sued the city in 2014 after he received a parking ticket, argued that the city unlawfully allows a private for-profit company to process challenges to tickets. A Los Angeles Superior Court judge ruled in his favor last year, and the decision was upheld by the Second District Court of Appeal.  City Attorney Mike Feuer petitioned the California Supreme Court to review the appellate decision, but the state's high court denied the petition in November and upheld the lower court's decision ordering Los Angeles to change its practice of allowing the Xerox company to handle reviews of challenges to parking tickets.
FOX 11

2028 Olympics News

LA City Council Committee To Discuss Hosting 2028 Summer Olympics
The Los Angeles City Council's committee on the Olympics is set to meet Friday for the first time since leaders of the bid announced their intention to pursue hosting the 2028 Summer Games while ceding the `24 Games to Paris. The committee has not met since January when it gave the go-ahead to the proposed contract the city would sign if it landed the `24 Games. At the time the idea of 2028 was not even on the table and the city was in a tight competition with Paris and Budapest, Hungary, to host in `24.


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