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August 31, 2017

Law Enforcement News

Sacramento Sheriff's Deputy Killed In Hotel Shootout. Two CHP Officers Shot, Hospitalized.
A search for car-theft suspects in an Auburn Boulevard Ramada Inn on Wednesday turned into a violent shootout that left a veteran Sacramento County sheriff's deputy dead and two California Highway Patrol officers wounded. Deputy Robert French, 52, died on the way to the hospital, Sheriff Scott Jones said. He was a 21-year veteran of the department and worked as a training officer with the north area patrol unit. “This is certainly the most difficult thing a department can go through,” Jones said. “We'll survive this as a community. We've been through it before. But it is painful. It will take a period of grieving.”
Sacramento Bee

Slain Sheriff's Sergeant To Have Section Of Antelope Valley Freeway Named For Him
A veteran Los Angeles County sheriff's sergeant who was shot dead while responding to a home burglary will have a portion of State Route 14 through Palmdale named for him. The measure to designate Los Angeles County Sheriff's Sergeant Steven C. Owen Memorial Highway unanimously passed the Assembly Monday after gaining approval in the state Senate the previous week. The Sheriff's Department announced the measure's passage on its Facebook page on Wednesday.

LA Police Unions Slam Hate Groups' Use Of ‘Thin Blue Line' Symbols
Police unions are calling out attempts to hijack the phrase and symbol “thin blue line” for hate and intolerance. The Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs (ALADS) in a statement on Monday joined with the United Coalition of Public Safety (UCOPS) to denounce extremists. The Los Angeles Police Protective League — which participates in UCOPS along with the Long Beach Police Officers Association and others — on Tuesday also denounced hate-filled individuals and groups, “especially those that commit violence or advocate violence to achieve their own repugnant political agendas,” said LAPPL president Craig Lally in a statement. “Whether they're neo-Nazis, white supremacists, the KKK, anti-Semites or Antifa, we repudiate their beliefs and their tactics.”
Los Angeles Daily News

Body Found In Water Off Point Fermin Lighthouse
Firefighters were working to recover a body that was discovered in ocean waters near the Point Fermin Lighthouse in San Pedro Wednesday morning. The body was spotted sometime before 8:20 a.m. near the base of the lighthouse, off West Paseo Del Mar, the Los Angeles Fire Department reports. The age and gender of the victim and the cause of death was not confirmed. Los Angeles Port Police were on scene investigating.

Truck Crashes Into San Pedro Store; Driver Sought
Police are searching for a driver after a white truck crashed into a store in San Pedro on Wednesday. The incident occurred around 4 p.m. at the Beach City Market in the 2800 block of Pacific Avenue. The driver is seen on surveillance video crashing into the store and almost hitting a woman and two young children who were checking out at the front counter. "I heard the tires try and stop. He bumped up the curb; I could hear that part," said David Quintero, the store clerk who was ringing up the family when the car nearly crashed into them.

LAPD Cop Mediation Plan Garners National Honors City Attorney
Mike Feuer announced Tuesday that the Community Police Unification Program, which allows residents to resolve complaints against an officer through mediation and a face-to-face meeting, was singled out for honors by the National Criminal Justice Association. What began as a pilot project of Feuer's Community Justice Initiative in collaboration with the Los Angeles Police Department is now a permanent program with the goal of improving relationships between the LAPD and the community.

North Hollywood Man Sentenced To 50-Year-To-Life Prison Term For Raping 2 Elderly Women
A North Hollywood man was sentenced Wednesday to 50 years to life in state prison for raping two senior citizens less than a year apart in Northridge, including an 89-year-old woman at a senior living center, and assaulting two other elderly victims. Danilo Arturo Gonzalez, 33, pleaded no contest Aug. 7 to two counts each of forcible rape and assault by means of force likely to cause great bodily injury, said Deputy District Attorney Elena Abramson. Gonzalez also admitted allegations that he committed the rapes during the commission of a burglary and against more than one victim, she said.
Los Angeles Daily News

Hairdresser's Wife, Lover Murdered Hubby For Big Bucks Insurance?
The wife of a prominent hairdresser and her reputed lover are set to be arraigned Thursday following a grand jury indictment charging them with capital murder and conspiracy involving the man's stabbing death at his Woodland Hills home in January. The indictment, handed up Aug. 18 and unsealed last Friday, charges Monica Sementilli, 45, and Robert Louis Baker, 55, in the Jan. 23 killing of Fabio Sementilli. The two had already been charged in June with the 49-year-old man's killing, with the indictment expected to allow the case to proceed to trial more quickly.

Revamped Bill Deems Driving Into A Group Of Protesters
An Act Of Domestic Terrorism Driving into a group of protesters could be considered domestic terrorism in California. A measure by Sen. Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) would consider the act an infringement on free speech and assembly. Although it is already illegal to use a vehicle as a weapon, Lara said attacks against peaceful protesters need to be treated differently. "California needs to be strong in defense of our constitutional rights and say there is no margin for error in a car vs. protester attack," he said in a statement. "Unless we act now these kinds of attacks could become more common."
Los Angeles Times

California High Court Will Decide License Plate Data Access
The California Supreme Court is expected to issue a ruling Thursday on whether the public has a right to information collected by automated license plate readers — devices used by law enforcement that have raised privacy concerns. The court will rule on whether police and sheriff's officials must disclose license plate reader data under the state's public records act or whether that information falls under an exemption for records related to investigations. Law enforcement agencies across the country are using license plate readers attached to patrol cars and fixed objects such as traffic signals to determine if vehicles are linked to crime.
FOX 40

How A "Perfect Storm" Of Problems Has Shrunk Texas' Largest City Police Forces
In Houston, police say there are solvable property crime cases with no one to solve them. Dallas officers are taking more time to respond to fewer emergency calls, and both cities are slower to get to non-emergency situations. Officials blame this on the dwindling number of officers in Texas' two largest city police departments. “At some point you get diminished returns, when you're as lean as we are,” Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo said.
Texas Tribune

Public Safety News

Houston Offers A Grim Vision Of Los Angeles After Catastrophic Earthquake
For years, scientists have drawn up terrifying scenarios of widespread destruction and chaos that would come to Southern California when a catastrophic earthquake hits. Their efforts to warn the public may get an unlikely boost from the unprecedented disaster unfolding in Houston, where Tropical Storm Harvey dumped trillions of gallons of rain across Texas and brought America's fourth-largest city to its knees. While epic flooding is different from a powerful temblor, both natural disasters fundamentally alter daily life for months or years.
Los Angeles Times

Local Government News

Angels Flight Returns: Is World's Shortest Railway Finally Safe?
The historic Angels Flight railway in downtown Los Angeles, billed as the world's shortest railway, will be reopened Thursday for the first time in four years. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced in March that the iconic railway would undergo a renovation and reopen by Labor Day following its closure in 2013, when one of the two rail cars came off the tracks. The reopening will be celebrated at 9:30 a.m. by members of the Angels Flight Friends & Neighbors Society, whose members plan to gather at the railway's lower entrance at 351 S. Hill St.

Thousands Without Power In San Fernando Valley, South LA
For the second morning in a row, crews were working today to restore power to thousands of customers in Los Angeles due to weather-related outages. Outages peppered the Southland Wednesday when heat advisories were in force across Los Angeles County. Thousands of Department of Water and Power customers were still in the dark today, mainly in South Los Angeles, with 8,300 customers affected, and in the San Fernando Valley, where more than 1,000 customers were affected.
Los Angeles Daily News


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