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April 13, 2018

Law Enforcement News

Massachusetts Officer Fatally Shot Serving Search Warrant
A Yarmouth K-9 officer was shot and killed while executing a multi-agency search warrant Thursday afternoon. Multiple Massachusetts police departments expressed their condolences and extended their sympathies to the family of K-9 Officer Sean Gannon and the Yarmouth Police Department, which also changed it's Facebook profile photo. Officer Gannon's K-9 partner was also shot during the incident and was taken to a veterinary hospital. The suspect, who has a lengthy criminal record, was taken into custody following a long standoff with authorities. 

Police: Washington Deputy's Eye Gouged 4 Times By Suspect
A Whatcom County Sheriff's deputy has blurred vision and abrasions to his face and the cornea of his eye after a suspect "gouged his thumb" into the deputy's eye at least four times trying to arrest him Saturday night. Deputies were called to 5120 Guide Meridian Road at 10:35 p.m. on a report of a drunken tenant who was causing problems for his roommates, according to Whatcom County Undersheriff Jeff Parks.
The Bellingham Herald (Bellingham, Wash.)

Activists Seek Change In LAPD Lethal Force Policy
Community activists Earl Ofari Hutchinson and Najee Ali called on the Los Angeles Police Commission April 10 to change the way the Los Angeles Police Department uses lethal force against civilians. The proposals include the use of deadly force “only when absolutely necessary to prevent imminent and serious bodily injury or death;” the use of all non-lethal de-escalation strategies before resorting to lethal methods, including the use of Tasers, bean bags and crisis response teams before guns; and making the changes on the use of deadly force a permanent part of the training and protocol for local police enforcement. But Dustin DeRollo, a spokesperson for the Los Angeles Police Protective League, says that the making of the bill did not include the perspective or input of law enforcement. “Unfortunately, this bill was cooked up with lobbyists from the [American Civil Liberties Union] and doesn't provide any perspective from actual police officers,” DeRollo said. “If enacted, it's either going to get cops killed or allow criminals to terrorize our streets unchecked.” 
Los Angeles WAVE

Man Carrying Machete In Pacoima Shot With Bean Bag, Arrested
A man brandishing a machete while walking near 11600 block of Glenoaks Boulevard in Pacoima on Thursday, April 12, was arrested, according to police. Authorities shot the suspect with a bean bag after a confrontation in a parking lot, according to Los Angeles police spokesman Officer Tony Im. “It was said he was panhandling, and people were concerned because he was holding a machete,” Im said. “So we responded, and took him into custody.” 
Los Angeles Daily News

2 Stabbed In Venice As Suspect Flees Scene, Police Say
Los Angeles police are investigating a report of two people being stabbed in Venice. The report came in Thursday just before 3 p.m. in the area of Third and Rose avenues, behind Gold's Gym. There were believed to be two victims at the scene who were transported to a local hospital, but their conditions were unknown. A male suspect was seen running from the scene eastbound on Rose.

Pursuit Of Stolen BMW Ends In Crashes And Arrest In Sun Valley
A man fled into a Sun Valley neighborhood today at the north end of Burbank Airport at the end of a vehicle pursuit in a stolen BMW that involved at least two crashes. The chase began at 5:11 p.m. in the 10200 block of Arminta Street and ended six minutes later, according to Los Angeles Police Department Officer Drake Madison. News reports showed a man fleeing on foot through backyards and at least one resident attempting to direct officers to the suspect's location in the area of Denny Avenue and Saticoy Street.
Los Angeles Daily News

Former TV Producer Charged With Killing Her Deaf, Partially Blind Sister In Studio City: LAPD
A former television producer has been charged with murder after her deaf and partially-blind sister was found dead in 2015, according to authorities. Jill Blackstone, who worked on The Jerry Springer Show, The Tony Danza Show, Divorce Court and others, was arrested at a Baltimore hospital. She faces extradition to Los Angeles on a murder charge and three counts of animal cruelty, according to the Los Angeles Police Department. In March, 2015, her 49-year-old sister, Wendy Blackstone, was found unconscious inside the carbon monoxide-filled garage of a Los Angeles home.

Homeowner's Dog Helps LAPD Capture Pursuit Suspect
A dog named Jax had a starring role in the eventual capture of a guy trying to get away from the LAPD. “That's our hero right there. Guy's getting a nice juicy steak,” said homeowner Albert Prado. The Prado family's security camera video shows their head of security doing his job when a guy picks the wrong yard to jump into. The homeowner checked his home security camera remotely from his phone and saw Jax chasing the guy out of the yard.

San Pedro Man Accused Of Killing Man, Injuring Woman In Desert Hot Springs To Appear In Court
A San Pedro resident accused of killing a man and injuring a woman during a shooting in Desert Hot Springs is scheduled to be arraigned today on charges of murder and attempted murder. Anthony Webb, 38, of San Pedro is suspected of killing 49-year-old Desert Hot Springs resident Joseph Slaten and wounding a woman on Feb. 14. Both victims were found shot in a parked car about 5:30 p.m. near a home in the 12500 block of Avenida Alta Loma. Webb was arrested March 1 at his home in San Pedro after allegedly barricading himself inside the residence around 6 a.m.
Los Angeles Daily News

Money For Police Cannot Be Pegged To Cooperation With ICE, Judge Rules
The U.S. Department of Justice cannot favor police departments that are willing to cooperate with immigration agents when it doles out tens of millions of dollars in funding each year, a federal judge in Los Angeles ruled this week. U.S. District Judge Manuel Real issued a permanent, nationwide ban against a Justice Department policy that gave an edge to obliging police departments applying for a community policing grant program. In doing so, Real dealt a legal setback to the Trump administration in its aggressive campaign to crack down on illegal immigration and to force compliance from law enforcement officials.
Los Angeles Times

Cannabis Rules In California: Are Some Cities Trying To Regulate Away Prop 64?
One in seven California cities requires residents to get a permit to grow marijuana at home for their personal use. To get that permit, some of those same cities want residents to submit to background checks and in-home police inspections. Other cities want personal-use cannabis growers to submit notarized forms and scaled site plan drawings. Some charge permit fees that can run up to $1,420. All of these city rules are being imposed upon citizens who, under California's Proposition 64, have as much right to grow cannabis for personal use as they do to make their own beer.
Orange County Register

Public Safety News

L.A. City Councilman, Dispatchers Explain New Text-To-911 System
Los Angeles City Councilman Paul Krekorian and LAPD dispatchers explained the new text-to-911 system and how it has already saved lives. Ellina Abovian reports for the KTLA 5 News at 1 on April 12, 2018.
KTLA 5 Video

Local Government News

LA City Council Approves $4.9B Contract For LAX People Mover
The Los Angeles City Council on Wednesday approved a $4.9 billion contract for the design and construction of an Automated People Mover system at Los Angeles International Airport that will carry passengers among terminals and connect with nearby rail lines. The 30-year contract, approved on a 14-0 vote, was awarded to a consortium of companies known as LAX Integrated Express Solutions, and also covers operation and maintenance of the 2.25-mile elevated guideway.
FOX 11

LA City Council Looking Into Creating Wilmington Bike Loop
The Los Angeles City Council is looking into adding more bike lanes. The study will focus on the Wilmington area. The Council will look into creating a cycle track loop connecting the community's main areas. The loop's boundaries are proposed as Machado Lake in the northwest, Avalon Boulevard in the east, leading down to the soon-to-be revamped Wilmington waterfront to the south.

Car-Sharing Service Getaround Launches In Los Angeles, Plans Expansion Through Southern California
In the shared economy, you could pedal across town on a bike that's not yours, summon a ride from a stranger or stay at someone's house for a week's vacation. Sharing stuff means never owning something yourself. You purchase a service. Using a smartphone to complete a money transfer, you pay by the hour or the day. Nowhere is this economic model more disruptive than in transportation, where ride-hailing is already shattering the taxi world. Now, car-sharing targets the rental car business by allowing you to rent someone's personal automobile using a smartphone.
Los Angeles Daily News


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