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May 10, 2018

Law Enforcement News

An L.A.-Area Gang Member Killed A Cop Nine Days After He Got Out Of Jail. Are California's Justice Reforms To Blame?
In the heated debate over California's efforts to slash its prison population, the case of Michael Christopher Mejia has become a political rallying cry. An admitted gang member, Mejia was charged last year with shooting two Whittier police officers – a crime the city's mayor and many in law enforcement saw as clear evidence of the failure of less strict sentencing laws. Why, they asked, was Mejia even on the streets? The killing of Officer Keith Boyer and wounding of another officer have galvanized a movement to ask state voters this November to reverse some of the recent changes to sentencing laws and the prison system. 
Los Angeles Times

New Bill Offers Police Officers Protections Similar To Those For Hate Crime Victims
Harming a police officer is already a crime under federal law, and all 50 states have laws that enhance penalties for doing so. But a new bill modeled after a federal hate crime statute would make it a crime to intentionally target a law enforcement officer based on his "actual or perceived status" as one. Republican and Democrat sponsors of The Protect and Serve Act say its goal is to protect law enforcement officers from ambushes and violence for simply being a police officer. Opponents of the bill, introduced Tuesday, say its language effectively designates any violence against officers a federal hate crime and perpetuates a false narrative of a "war on police."

Teenager Stands Up For Mother, Stabs Attacker In South LA
A man was stabbed in South Los Angeles Wednesday, after a teenager stood up for his mother and sister under attack at a flower stand. Street vendor Lucia Flores, 19, was still rattled hours after panhandlers attempted to rob her and her 40-year-old mother at their pop-up flower stand. "They were asking for money," Flores says. "They said, 'You better give us your money because I could go bring people, guys, to go kill you guys!'" She said the men hit her, too. Her brother saw it all from his flower stand across the street and ran over to defend his mother and sister.

5 Arrested, 5 Others Sought After Attack On Street Vendor Family In South L.A.
Five juveniles were arrested after a family selling flowers along the street in South Los Angeles was assaulted by would-be thieves Wednesday afternoon, prompting one of the vendors to stab an attacker in self defense, police said. The incident occurred near the intersection of Imperial Highway and Central Avenue, on the border of Green Meadows and Watts, shortly before 4 p.m., Los Angeles Police Officer Drake Madison said. The Flores family, who has consistently sold flowers at the intersection for more than 20 years, said a struggle broke out after they asked a group of 10 young men collecting money for an allegedly fake funeral to move elsewhere.

Police Arrest Woman They Say Took Car With Baby Inside In Van Nuys
A woman suspected of stealing an Infiniti in Van Nuys with an 11-month-old boy inside was taken into custody Wednesday, five weeks after she had told police she would voluntarily surrender, police said. Maria Elizabeth De La Torre was in custody as of about 2:30 p.m. and was being questioned by detectives at the Los Angeles Police Department's Van Nuys Station, according to an LAPD official, who said she was expected to be booked on suspicion of grand theft auto and/or kidnapping.
Los Angeles Daily News

Death Upheld For LA Kidnap-Murder Conspirators
Death sentences for two men convicted of abducting and murdering five people in the San Fernando Valley and dumping their bodies in a reservoir near Yosemite National Park were upheld Wednesday by a federal appeals court. "After extensive briefing and argument from the parties, and our own careful review, we affirm," wrote Circuit Judge Jay S. Bybee. Attorneys for Iouri Mikhel and Juijus Kadamovas unsuccessfully argued the impositions of the death penalties were improper and the trial courts made legal errors, according to an opinion published by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeal.

Palos Verdes Estates Man Sentenced To 14 Days In Jail For 2015 Dodger Stadium Attack
A Palos Verdes Estates man was sentenced Wednesday, May 9, to 14 days in jail for an October 2015 attack that left a then 50-year old man with a traumatic head injury. Michael Rae Papayans, 29, initially pleaded no contest in February 2017 to a charge of felony assault by means to produce great bodily injury after he punched the man in Lot L of the Dodger Stadium parking lot following a playoff game between the Dodgers and New York Mets. The man fell to the ground unconscious and his head hit the pavement, causing him to sustain serious head injuries, the District Attorney's office said in a statement at the time of Papayans' arrest in 2016. 
Los Angeles Daily News

Prosecutors From Several Counties To Gather And Work Out Prosecution Plan For Accused Golden State Killer
Law enforcement officials from Orange, Sacramento, Ventura and Santa Barbara counties are expected to meet up in the next few days to decide where the accused Golden State Killer will be prosecuted, the Orange County District Attorney's Office said on Wednesday. Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas said there are “many issues to resolve” regarding the prosecution of Joseph James DeAngelo, who is suspected by the authorities of carrying out a dozen-year crime wave beginning in 1974 that included him killing at least 12 people across California, raping at least 45 and burglarizing hundreds of homes.
Los Angeles Daily News

National Guard Troops Involved In 1,600 Apprehensions At U.S.-Mexico Border
National Guard troops stationed along the US-Mexico border have contributed to 1,600 apprehensions of people crossing the border illegally and the capture of about 1,000 pounds of marijuana in their three-and-a-half weeks on the job, according to a Customs and Border Protection official. The official said the National Guard troops have also contributed to 451 “turn backs,” where individuals abandon an attempt to illegally cross into the US. The official did not have comparison numbers available, so it was not possible to determine if those figures were substantially more than if National Guard troops had not been dispatched to the border.

Retired NYPD Officer Dies Of 9/11-Related Cancer
Mark J. Natale was a New York City police officer on Sept. 11, 2001, when two commercial jets commandeered by terrorists were flown into the World Trade Center's Twin Towers in Manhattan. He and his partner Michael Henry, officers in the 94th Precinct in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, helped dust-covered people fleeing Manhattan over bridges to Brooklyn and on ferries to New Jersey, then stood guard at the gates around Ground Zero in the days that followed, Henry recalled. The officers covered their faces, he said, with the masks worn by house painters. “That's all they gave us,” he said Monday.

Local Government News

L.A. Cracks Down On Unlicensed, Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals
The Los Angeles city attorney filed three lawsuits Wednesday against several individuals accused of selling illegal, banned, misbranded or counterfeit pharmaceuticals. The lawsuits follow an extensive investigation by multiple law enforcement agencies in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and Arizona, officials said. The investigations led to the recovery of more than 430,000 doses of illicit pharmaceuticals. City officials said they hope the crackdown encourages people to avoid buying medicine that is not prescribed by a licensed physician or pharmacist.

With ‘Street Takeovers' Causing Havoc In SFV, LA Councilman Wants To Crack Down
Following reports of some dangerous “street takeovers” in the San Fernando Valley, a city councilman said Wednesday that he wants a re-evaluation of Los Angeles' current laws and efforts to crack down on the illegal activity. Street racing is a decades-old problem in the Valley, but in recent years has evolved into what is commonly referred to as a “street takeover,” where drivers that may number in the hundreds close down a street while other motorists perform dangerous and reckless stunts in the middle of an intersection, according to a motion introduced by Los Angeles City Councilman Mitchell Englander.
Los Angeles Daily News


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