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August 21, 2018

Law Enforcement News

Florida SWAT Team Arrests 2 Fugitives Who Shot At North Carolina Cop
Police say two fugitives who fired on a deputy in North Carolina are in custody after a standoff with a SWAT team in Florida. The Tampa Bay Times reports 50-year-old Donald "Alfred" Billings and 26-year-old Alton Smoot had an AR-15, a machete and a pipe bomb inside an apartment near St. Petersburg. Authorities say a deputy in Alleghany County, North Carolina, let them go after they opened fire during a traffic stop this month. Pinellas sheriff's investigators learned that Billings had an ex-girlfriend in Treasure Island, so they began watching her home. They found Smoot first and arrested him Saturday. Billings was hiding out in the apartment. Officers eventually used tear gas and then set off flash bangs.
Associated Press

Police Union President says proposed use of force reform endangers cops' lives
Police say a police reform bill in Sacramento is bound to endanger the lives of police officers. Assembly Bill 931 would replace the reasonable force standard with allowing cops to use lethal force only when necessary. Craig Lally President of the Los Angeles Police Protective League, says the proposed legislation was crafted by the ACLU. “The ultimate goal of the ACLU on this bill is to incarcerate police officers. This bill will either cost police officers their lives or their jobs. It's the ultimate in Monday morning quarterbacking.”
KABC Radio

Sheriff: Mississippi Deputy Run Over By 12-Year-Old Driving Stolen Car
A Lauderdale County Deputy Sheriff was injured Wednesday night while attempting to stop a stolen vehicle driven by a 12-year-old girl. According to Lauderdale County Sheriff Billy Sollie the incident happened shortly before 8 p.m. in a trailer court off Valley Road just outside the Meridian city limits, where the juvenile had stolen her mother's car after a conflict between the two. Sollie said when deputies arrived on the scene and spotted the vehicle they then attempted to stop the vehicle to no avail. “This particular trailer court is a circle drive,” Sollie said.
The Meridian Star, Miss.

Man Shot At By Officer In Westlake Neighborhood Was Armed With Handgun, Police Say
Police opened fire on a man they say was armed with a handgun in the Westlake neighborhood of Central Los Angeles Monday night. The incident occurred about 11:30 p.m. when officers conducting crime suppression stopped a black man on a bike near the intersection of South Lake Street and Ocean View Avenue, Los Angeles Police Department Lt. Chris Ramirez said. During the stop, the man produced a handgun and an officer-involved shooting occurred, Ramirez said. The man, who was not struck by the gunfire, fled the scene on foot and was caught on 3rd Street not far from the initial incident. Authorities recovered a handgun and took the man to a local hospital after he complained of pain, Ramirez said.

LAPD Dedicates Task Force To Crack Down On Illegal Street Racing ‘Sideshows'
With crowds shutting down busy intersections to watch cars burn rubber on Los Angeles streets with what seems to be increasing frequency, the Los Angeles Police Dept. has decided to dedicate a team officers to crack down on these so-called “sideshows.” CBS2 News was in Pacoima Friday when officers stopped a vehicle they suspected of being suped up for racing. After inspecting the Acura, they cited the driver for the modification. “We have a lot of intel that we use within some of the clubs,” said Sgt. Gregory Fuqua with the LAPD's Valley Traffic Division. He said they also use undercover and unmarked vehicles to track the offenders.

Pacoima Hit-and-Run Kills Pedestrian
Authorities were investigating the hit-and-run death Monday of a man in the Pacoima area. Paramedics sent to 9800 block of San Fernando Road about 6 a.m. pronounced the man dead at the scene, the Los Angeles Fire Department reported. Information was not immediately available on the identity of the man, who was about 50 years of age, according to the LAFD. No description was available of the hit-and-run vehicle or suspect. Anyone with information on the case was urged to call (877) LAPD-247.
Los Angeles Daily News

Officials Release Surveillance Video Of Westlake Hit-and-Run Crash That Killed Pedestrian; $50K Reward Offered
LAPD officials on Monday released surveillance video of a hit-and-run crash that killed a pedestrian in Westlake earlier this month and city officials are offering a $50,000 reward for information in the case. The crash occurred about 5 a.m. on Aug. 10. Byung Yu, 78, was crossing south on Union Avenue inside a crosswalk when he was struck by a vehicle heading west on 3rd Street. Video released Monday shows that the driver stopped momentarily before fleeing. Yu died at the scene. Los Angeles Police Detective Moses Castillo said the victim might have entered the crosswalk “a few seconds too soon.” “Unfortunately it cost him his life,” Castillo said during a news conference Monday. 

Eight People Arrested In Residential Burglaries Across Ventura, LA Counties
Six different law enforcement agencies worked together to arrest eight suspects allegedly part of a Pasadena/Los Angeles County based criminal street gang committing burglaries across Ventura and Los Angeles counties, the Ventura County Sheriff's Office announced Monday. The Ventura County Sheriff's Office, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Major Crimes Bureau/Robbery Task Force, Pasadena Police Department, Los Angeles Police Department, Simi Valley Police Department/VENCATT and San Bernardino Sheriff's Department Specialized Enforcement Division all played roles in arrested a burglary crew alleged to have committed more than 20 burglaries throughout Ventura and Los Angeles counties.

FBI Agents Trying To Get Orange County Man, Who They Say Was Kidnapped In The San Gabriel Valley, Back Home
FBI agents are trying to return a Santa Ana man to his family after he was kidnapped from a San Gabriel shopping center last month and held for $2 million ransom, they announced at a Los Angeles press conference on Monday. Investigators said Ruochen “Tony” Liao, a 28-year-old Chinese national who co-owned a Costa Mesa luxury-car dealership, was kidnapped by three men from San Gabriel Square on July 16. At around 7:30 p.m. that day, a witness saw Liao at the shopping center entering a black minivan, most likely a Toyota Sienna, with one of the men. The two other men got into a black SUV believed to be a Range Rover.
Los Angeles Daily News

California Lawmakers Move To Cap Prison Time For Felons, Including Robbers, Murderers
California's approach to crime and punishment is complicated enough that a state watchdog agency once referred to it as a “chaotic labyrinth of laws with no cohesive philosophy or strategy.” The penal code covers thousands of different offenses, each carrying three terms of varying lengths that may be applied depending on mitigating or aggravating circumstances. Convictions for multiple charges can be served concurrently or consecutively, while hundreds of possible enhancements sometimes add more time to an inmate's sentence than the underlying crime. Lawmakers are moving to change that this month with Senate Bill 1279, which would largely limit the maximum term of imprisonment for felony convictions to twice the length of the base term.
Sacramento Bee

California Assembly Advances Bill To Replace Bail System
The California Assembly on Monday narrowly advanced a bill to make California the first state to completely eliminate bail for suspects awaiting trial and replace it with a risk-assessment system. The bill passed with no votes to spare, revealing the difficult balance of writing a bill that would draw support from both criminal justice reform advocates and lawmakers more aligned with law enforcement. Some reform groups that once supported the bill backed away in recent days, arguing the latest version gives judges too much power to keep people in jail. The legislation now moves to the state Senate, where lobbying from both sides is likely to continue. Supporters of the bill argue the current system discriminates against low-income people. 
US News

Minneapolis Must Pay $190,000 To Spurned Police Recruit Over Psychological Screen
The city of Minneapolis must pay $190,000 to settle a lawsuit brought by a former police recruit who said the city rescinded its job offer after learning of his post-traumatic stress disorder, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) announced Tuesday. Federal officials also charged that the Police Department ran afoul of the 2008 Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) by “routinely requesting and obtaining genetic information from officer applicants during the pre-employment process,” according to a news release. The department said the unnamed plaintiff, an Army and Minnesota National Guard veteran who applied for an officer's job in September 2012, will receive $189,339 in back pay and compensatory damages as part of the settlement.

Public Safety News

5 LAFD Firefighters Injured While Battling Mendocino Complex As Largest Fire In State History Forces New Evacuations
Five firefighters with the Los Angeles Fire Department were injured while battling the massive Mendocino Complex Fire in Northern California, which has scorched more than 400,000 acres and destroyed at least 157 homes, fire officials said Monday. The five members of the department's strike team 1880C suffered minor injuries before being treated and released from hospitals in the area, authorities said. The Mendocino Complex Fire, the largest in recorded state history, is made up of the roughly 350,000-acre Ranch Fire and nearly 50,000-acre River Fire. While the giant blaze has been described by fire officials as one event, the two wildfires within it never merged.

‘It was bound to happen': Mendocino Complex Firefighter May Have Died From Airplane Fire Retardant Drop, Report Says
A 42-year-old Utah firefighter who died battling the Mendocino Complex Fire last week may have been killed after a massive retardant drop from an air tanker broke apart trees and he was struck by the debris, according to a preliminary Cal Fire report. At about 5:35 p.m. on Aug. 13, a Very Large Air Tanker, one of Cal Fire's converted DC-10s or Boeing 747s, dropped a retardant load along Division C of the Mendocino Complex Fire in Mendocino County. Battalion Chief Matthew Burchett was killed by tree debris and three other firefighters received minor injuries, according to the report. The incident was serious enough that Cal Fire issued recommendations for “immediate corrective actions.”
Mercury News

Local Government News

Nearly 7,500 LA County Homeless People Permanently Housed Thanks To Measure H, County Officials Say
A recently approved Los Angeles County sales tax increase played a key role in getting nearly 7,500 people who were homeless permanently housed over the last year, county officials said Friday. The last fiscal year that began July 1, 2017, was the first year that Measure H revenue was used to pay for programs serving people who are homeless. Those funds went toward permanently housing 7,448 people and temporarily housing roughly 13,500 people, according to the county Homeless Initiative's latest quarterly report.
Los Angeles Daily News


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