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March 6, 2019
Law Enforcement News

Texas Officer Fatally Shot While Responding To Burglar Alarm
An officer was fatally shot while responding to a burglar alarm at a Texas home. According to local news station CBS7, Officer Nathan Heidelberg was shot by the homeowner who believed his house was being broken into. Heidelberg along with his probationary officer and two other officers announced their presence at the front door of the home, but the homeowner shot toward a flashlight being held by Heidelberg, hitting him above his body armor. The officer died of his injuries while being transported to the hospital. The Texas Rangers are investigating the shooting.

Police Use PIT Maneuver To End Slow-Speed Chase In Echo Park
A slow-speed police chase Tuesday made its way from the San Fernando Valley to Sunset Boulevard in Echo Park. The driver, suspected of stealing the dark minivan, stopped for traffic signals but refused to pull over for police, authorities said. The 30-minute pursuit was briefly on the southbound side of the 101 Freeway and later exited at Silver Lake Boulevard. The chase traveled down Sunset Boulevard through Echo Park before authorities used a PIT maneuver to stop the vehicle. The suspect, whose identity was not released, was eventually taken into custody.
FOX 11

East Hollywood: Assault Suspect Arrested After High-Speed Chase
A man suspected of assault with a deadly weapon was taken into custody in East Hollywood on Tuesday morning after a high-speed chase. According to a Los Angeles Police Department spokesperson, a male victim flagged down officers about 5:15 a.m. at the intersection of Winona and Sunset boulevards. The bloodied individual gave a description of his assailant to police, who were able locate the suspect, the spokesperson said. A pursuit ensued, with multiple LAPD vehicles chasing a silver Mercedes-Benz sedan through Hollywood on surface streets. The driver pulled over near the intersection of Santa Monica Boulevard and North Westmoreland, where officers pointed their firearms at the car and ordered the driver to exit. 

LAPD Arrests Man Allegedly Trying To Rob In-N-Out Burger In Van Nuys With Replica Gun
A man was arrested Tuesday for allegedly trying to rob someone while using a replica handgun at an In N Out Burger restaurant in Van Nuys. Officers were sent to the eatery at Sherman Way and Balboa Boulevard about 10:45 a.m. The business was surrounded, and officers arrested the suspect after a search of the immediate area. His name was not immediately released. No injuries were reported.
Los Angeles Daily News

LAPD: Children Left Alone In Motel Room With 100 Pounds Of Meth
New details are out about a large meth bust in South Los Angeles with indications that children of a trafficking suspect were left alone in a motel room where more than 100 pounds of the drug were being stored, police say. Two men were arrested Sunday at the motel on the 7400 block of South San Pedro Street and methamphetamine worth about $1 million was seized. The investigation began with authorities looking into reports of drug activity in the area when they saw a man get into a vehicle at the motel armed with a handgun. Officers detained the man and went to speak with the motel manager, when they learned there were two children, ages 8 and 10, left alone in the room. Police went inside the room and found the children alone and then discovered duffle bags containing more than 100 pounds of methamphetamine. Two men were arrested. 

2nd Suspect In Canoga Park Macy's Jewelry Burglary Arrested
A man who was on the run for months after police accused him of being one of two burglars who stole $700,000 worth of jewelry from a Macy's in Canoga Park last year has been arrested. After a stakeout, burglary detectives and LAPD officers in South L.A. took 45-year-old Michael Bourgois into custody Tuesday. Capt. Lillian Carranza, who commands LAPD's commercial burglary detectives, said police also worked with L.A. County probation officers to arrest Bourgois. LAPD had been searching for Bourgois since investigators said he and another man broke into the Macy's through a hatch door on the roof early on July 6, 2018. The men found the department store's jewelry counter, then used a crow bar, a sledgehammer and kicks to smash into six displays. They stuffed handfuls of jewelry into sacks and fled.
Los Angeles Daily News

Crackdown On Illegal L.A. Pot Shops May Include Shutting Off Utilities
With hundreds of illegal marijuana shops continuing to operate in the city, a Los Angeles City Council committee signed off Tuesday on a proposed ordinance aimed at cracking down on the businesses by shutting off their utilities. With the Rules, Elections and Intergovernmental Relations Committee's approval, the measure will now go to the full council for consideration. “Shutting down the utilities for an operation that's illegally operating, it's a no-brainer, it's just that simple,” City Councilwoman Nury Martinez said last week. “By operating in a community illegally, you are creating havoc, you're not playing by the rules, you should get shut down.” The Cannabis Regulation Commission has also expressed support for the idea, along with a number of other aggressive methods to crack down on the dispensaries, including the formation of a special task force.

Border Agents Using Firearms At Lower Rate, Data Show

Firearms use by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers and agents is declining, and less-lethal force is also down, according to data obtained Tuesday by The Associated Press. The decrease comes as fewer people are crossing the border illegally and after the agency overhauled how force should be deployed at the border. There were 15 instances where officers and agents used firearms during the budget year 2018, down from a high of 55 was reported during the 2012 budget year, and down from 17 during 2017's budget year and 25 the budget year before. Despite high-profile instances in recent months where agents used tear gas on groups of migrants that included children, use of less-lethal force like tear gas, batons or stun guns are also down, to 898. That's a decrease from the high in 2013 of 1,168, according to the data.

Public Safety News

Broken L.A. Sidewalk Leads To Terrifying Emergency Room Trip For Child
A broken sidewalk in the Palms area led to a terrifying trip to the emergency room for one child. The incident happened March 1, in a dark Mentone Avenue after the family left a dinner party. 4-year-old Timotee Jorda was asleep in his father's arm when he tripped and fell on a broken city sidewalk. The man scraped his arm trying to cushion the boy but Timotee hit his head on impact. Timotee suffered a nasty bump and cut to his face but will recover, his mother said. His parents continue to monitor him to make sure no other health problems present themselves. Los Angeles infrastructure clearly needs work -- from potholes to water main breaks, there are all sorts of problems.
FOX 11

Cal Fire Details Plan To Focus On Forest Management To Protect Homes From Wildfires
After successive years of devastating wildfires, California's fire agency announced a plan Tuesday that would dramatically increase the removal of dead trees and other forest management efforts with the help of the National Guard. The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection released a list of 35 priority fuel-reduction projects it wants to start immediately across the state over roughly 90,000 acres. That's double the acreage the agency aimed to cover in the current fiscal year, Cal Fire Deputy Chief Scott McLean said. The agency is also seeking National Guard assistance to coordinate the work. McLean said it was the first time he could recall turning to the National Guard for help with clearing trees and vegetation.

Local Government News

LA mortgages are the nation's third least affordable
With nearly record-high home prices and wages that haven't kept up with costs, Los Angeles is among the least affordable housing markets in the United States, according to a new report from Zillow. The report examines how much income is required to make mortgage payments on a typical home in the Los Angeles metro area, which includes much of Orange County. It finds that a median-earning family in the area would need to spend 43.7 percent of their total income to afford a typical mortgage. That's the third-highest percentage in the country, behind only San Jose and San Francisco. It's also well above the 30 percent threshold beyond which the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development considers households to be burdened by housing costs.
Curbed Los Angeles

Lawsuit Limiting Cleanups On Skid Row Up For Discussion By L.A. City Council
A lawsuit that has altered the city of Los Angeles' policies on seizing the property of homeless people in Skid Row is set to be discussed behind closed doors Wednesday by the Los Angeles City Council, which could move to end or extend the legal battle. The city has long struggled with how to clean up and regulate homeless encampments, and in 2016 passed a law that would limit the amount of belongings a homeless person could store on the sidewalk to 60 gallons. But not long after, in response to a lawsuit, a federal judge issued a preliminary injunction barring Los Angeles police and sanitation officers from seizing and destroying homeless people's property in and near Skid Row.

LA City Councilman Introduces Resolution Against Extending Alcohol Sales To 4 A.M.
A city councilman introduced a resolution Tuesday in opposition to a state bill that would allow Los Angeles and eight other cities in California to keep some bars and nightclubs open until 4 a.m. SB 58 is at least the third attempt by Sen. Scott Wiener, D-San Francisco, to pass a law that would allow bars in some cities to stay open later than 2 a.m. A version of the bill was passed by the California State Legislature last year but was vetoed by then-Gov. Jerry Brown. Los Angeles City Councilman Paul Koretz, who introduced the resolution, held several news conferences in opposition to the idea of earlier bar times when Weiner was trying to pass the previous versions.

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