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April 27, 2020
Law Enforcement News

Police: 1 Officer Dies, 2nd Wounded In Louisiana Shooting
A shooting in Louisiana's capital city left one police officer dead and his wounded colleague fighting for his life Sunday, authorities said, adding a suspect was later taken into custody after an hourslong standoff in which shots were fired at a SWAT team. Baton Rouge Police Chief Murphy Paul told The Advocate the two officers were shot in a northern residential district in the city, and that one of the officers later succumbed from his wounds. Paul said a suspect, Ronnie Kato, 36, was detained after a roughly four-hour standoff in which he barricaded inside a house. No one was reported hurt during the standoff and authorities didn't immediately say what charges Kato might face. Police said the officers who were shot had responded earlier in the day to reports of gunfire.

Alabama Officer Wounded In Cafe Shooting
A Birmingham police officer was injured and a suspect was killed in a shooting this morning at a restaurant in the city’s northside, according to authorities. The shooting happened at Ruth’s Cafe at 4012 24th Street North. According to police, the officer went to the cafe and was asked by employees to make a customer who refused to pay leave the property. As the officer approached the customer’s vehicle, the customer immediately opened fire, Chief Patrick Smith said. At about 8:50 a.m., police were called to the cafe on a report of an officer needing assistance, according to Smith. The officer was shot twice in the right arm or hand, Smith said. Police blocked off roads as they escort the officer to the UAB Hospital. The suspect has been confirmed to have been shot and killed.

LAPD Reports 5 New Coronavirus Cases, Bringing Total To 76
The Los Angeles Police Department has reported five new coronavirus cases, bringing the total to 76. In a press release Friday, the department said 33 LAPD employees have recovered and returned to duty. One individual is hospitalized, and all others are self-isolating at home. The number of Los Angeles Fire Department cases remained at 20 on Friday, officials said. Fourteen employees have recovered and returned to work, while six are isolated at home. None are hospitalized.

Man Shot In Vermont Square Refuses To Talk To Police, Dies At Hospital
A 21-year-old man was shot to death in the Vermont Square area of Los Angeles, authorities said Monday. The shooting was reported at 10:55 p.m. Sunday at 41st Place and Halldale Avenue, according to Officer Norma Eisenman of the Los Angeles Police Department’s Media Relations Section. The victim was shot outside a location and refused to give police any information before he was taken to a hospital, where he died.

Man Jumps To His Death From Koreatown Building
After a standoff of more than five hours with police and firefighters at a building in the Koreatown area, a despondent man died Sunday after he finally jumped from it, officials said. Attempts to stop the man at 3780 Wilshire Blvd., near Western Avenue, began about 4:45 p.m., said Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman Brian Humphrey. Around 9 p.m., the man jumped and was pronounced dead at the scene, Humphrey said. The LAFD had inflated its crash cushions in case of a jump but to no avail, as negotiations broke down, he said. It was not immediately disclosed how high up the man was. “He was distraught and despondent,” said Los Angeles police Sgt. Paul Prevost. “We tried to talk him down, but he finally decided to jump.”

Atwater Village Jewelry Shop Ransacked, Burglarized During Coronavirus Closure
With many businesses closed during the coronavirus emergency, some of those shut down shops have been prime targets for thieves. It happened to a jewelry store in Atwater Village, and the crime was caught on surveillance video. "Every computer has been taken," described Genevieve Leidinghan with the Han Cholo jewelry shop. "Every toy here is taken, as well as all the jewelry." Nearly 20 years into rebuilding his jewelry collection, Brandon Schoolhouse's store was burglarized in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. "My store was completely ransacked, vandalized and everything, all of our stuff taken over basically overnight," said Schoolhouse said. The LAPD is investigating and calling three men captured on surveillance footage persons of interest. One is seen leaving the building at Atwater Village, one is seen entering and another is seen standing outside.

Feds Are On The Lookout For Fraudulent COVID-19 Products Like ‘Virus Shut Out’
Federal authorities said Friday that inspectors have prevented a “significant” number of shipments of illegal health products related to the coronavirus pandemic from entering the country via Los Angeles and San Francisco. “These products, such as the item ‘Virus Shut Out,’ are not registered with the (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) and are being halted under federal pesticide laws,” according to a joint statement issued by the EPA and U.S. Customs and Border Protection. “The safety and efficacy of these items against viruses have not been evaluated. In addition; their labeling — including directions for use — (is) not provided in the English language as required by law; and online advertising materials contain misleading claims about their safety and effectiveness,” the statement said. The illegal products are being imported from Japan and Hong Kong through International Mail Facilities in Los Angeles and San Francisco, authorities said. To date, more than 7,800 illegal products have been seized.

Public Safety News

LA County Confirms 440 New Coronavirus Cases, 18 Deaths
Los Angeles County health officials on Sunday confirmed 440 additional coronavirus cases and 18 deaths. The county’s total stands at 19,528 cases and 913 deaths. Ninety-three percent of people who died from coronavirus had underlying health conditions. “The most difficult part of the COVID-19 pandemic is losing people to the virus. To all of you who have lost loved ones, we are deeply sorry,” said LA County Director of Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer. “As we have more information about who is dying, we are reminded that the work ahead requires that we address issues of disproportionality that result in higher rates of death among African Americans, Latinx and Asians as well as residents living in poverty. Ensuring access to testing, early treatment and care, and economic support among those communities at higher risk of devastating outcomes associated with COVID-19, is essential.”

LA City And County Aim To Help Domestic Abuse Victims During Coronavirus Pandemic
Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer and District Attorney Jackie Lacey announced a program Friday aimed at providing resources to victims of domestic abuse, as reports of those types of crimes have declined since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. The Behind Closed Doors initiative is a partnership with grocery stores, Los Angeles Unified School District and other organizations to post fliers at their locations with contact information for assistance that abuse victims can use. The initiative also calls on workers of essential services to be aware of signs of abusive relationships and circumstances and to contact authorities if they suspect someone is in danger. “This campaign is about galvanizing all of us,” Feuer said “We know throughout our community, people are looking for ways to contribute to the public good, but being involved in this Behind Closed Doors campaign … is a way to contribute.”

LA County Outlines List Of Requirements That Need To Be Met In Order To Relax Safer-At-Home Order
Los Angeles County officials on Friday detailed the prerequisites that will need to be met before the county relaxes its "Safer-At-Home" order. The county’s four benchmarks that need to be achieved before they begin to lift restrictions are: 1. Capacity in the healthcare system — the county will need adequate staffing, testing and ventilators to handle routine care and a potential increase of patients. 2. Protections for those at risk — the county will need to be able to ensure protection for those who are most vulnerable, such as the elderly, homeless and those with underlying health conditions. 3. Increased capability to test, isolate and trace the virus — the county will need to ensure medical facilities have the capacity to test, isolate and quarantine individuals and the ability to prevent further spread. 4. Maintain physical distancing — the county's role to provide guidance to make this possible and to enforce compliance.

LA County Offers Tips On Fire Prevention As Temperatures Rise
Authorities reminded Southlanders Friday to be aware of fire hazards at home as residents follow the Safer At Home order — especially as temperatures increase and as wildfire season approaches. "As residents continue to follow the Safer At Home order ... be mindful of fire hazards at home, and practice fire-escape safety steps with family members and loved ones," a Los Angeles County Fire Department statement said. "In home fires, a properly prepared and maintained window, clear of obstacles, may provide the quickest, safest way out," said county fire Chief Daryl L. Osby. "In the event of a fire, crawling low in the smoke and trying to find your way to the front door isn't the most effective way to escape, because residential fires often originate in the living room or kitchen, where these doors are located," Osby said.

Reopening California Remains A Ways Off As Officials Urge Caution, Cite Dangers
There are growing signs that stay-at-home orders across California will remain in place a while longer. Gov. Gavin Newsom said this week that, while California is making progress in bending the coronavirus curve, most of the six conditions he set for the state to consider loosening the stay-at-home order he issued last month have not been met. The only change the governor has made is to allow hospitals to begin scheduling some elective surgeries, citing sufficient capacity. The six goals include the ability to closely monitor and track potential cases; prevent infection of high-risk people; prepare hospitals to handle surges; develop therapies to meet demand; ensure schools, businesses and child-care facilities can support social distancing; and develop guidelines for asking Californians to stay home again if necessary. It’s still unclear whether some communities where the outbreak has been less severe will be able to relax restrictions.

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