FEMA's COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Update
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FEMA COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Update (March 15, 2021)

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In alignment with President Biden's plan to respond to COVID-19 , FEMA will work with other federal agencies to coordinate with state, tribal and territorial authorities and private sector partners and others to assist, augment and expedite vaccinations in the United States.

Key Messages

  • As of March 15, FEMA has provided more than $4.42 billion to 39 states, Washington D.C., four tribes and five territories for expenses related to COVID-19 vaccination at 100% federal cost share. These funds cover critical supplies, staffing, training and transportation needs that support increased vaccination efforts.
  • FEMA is committed to the equitable distribution of vaccines. Using data from CDC's social vulnerability index and population data from the Census, we work with our state partners to locate Community Vaccination Centers where they will be able to do the most good for the most vulnerable populations and ensure everyone who wants a vaccine gets one.
  • FEMA is working to speed up vaccinations by supporting states as they open community vaccine centers across the country. Additionally, FEMA and its interagency partners continue to stand-up and provide support to additional sites daily. Each state determines its own vaccination priority groups and procedures. Community vaccination centers are led by states, but may be supported by the federal government, including FEMA.
  • Working with state governments, FEMA will open additional federal community vaccination center pilot sites, which include both federal support and supplemental vaccine allocation:
    • This week, a federal community vaccination center pilot site will open in Cleveland, Ohio. Within the next two weeks, federal community vaccination center pilot sites will open in Atlanta, Georgia and Detroit, Michigan.
  • Find out where, when and how to get a vaccine in your community and get more information from your local health department and a list of places where adults can get a vaccine . Visit FEMA.Gov for information on FEMA's vaccination support efforts .
  • U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is expanding the COVID-19 vaccination workforce to assist with vaccination efforts. Learn more about qualifications or sign up to administer the vaccine in your community.

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