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Special EFFAK Edition: Complete the EFFAK Today for Peace of Mind Tomorrow - April 15, 2021

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Complete the EFFAK Today for Peace of Mind Tomorrow!

Picking up the pieces of your life after a tornado, flood, or other disaster can be challenging. One of the most important things that may help you recover faster from a disaster is having all key documents together in one place.

The free Emergency Financial First Aid Kit (EFFAK) helps keep all your important information at your fingertips. The EFFAK gives you a way to organize critical financial, medical, and household information. It includes checklists and forms to help you gather the documents you will need after a disaster or other emergencies. It also provides tips on storing and safeguarding your information.

FEMA is urging people to fill out the EFFAK throughout the month April as it is National Financial Capability Month . President Biden has recognized the month to highlight the importance of overcoming the financial impact of COVID-19 and becoming financially resilient.

“Financial education that builds financial capability helps families receive assistance, build resilience, and benefit from a stronger and more equitable economy,” Biden said in a proclamation for National Financial Capability Month.

Visit the new EFFAK web page to download the EFFAK in six languages – English, Spanish, simplified and traditional Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese. A large print edition is also available for download. A print copy of the EFFAK in multiple accessible formats can also be ordered online and shipped to you at no cost.

Complete the EFFAK today to organize all your crucial documents for peace of mind tomorrow. Visit the EFFAK page to download the EFFAK and get started today!

Financial Resilience Data Digest

FEMA conducted a survey to investigate people's attitudes, perceptions, motivations, and behaviors related to financial resilience. We found that:

  • 91% of people who experienced a disaster reported that they incurred a financial impact, and over one third (37%) reported they incurred a “major” financial impact due to a disaster.
  • More than half of people identified low- and no-cost ways to prepare financially for a disaster, such as safeguarding important documents (55%), creating/maintaining a financial plan (40%), and improving credit score/borrowing ability (22%).
Read the April Data Digest to learn more!

Videos Highlight the EFFAK in Action

The EFFAK web page has five short videos that introduce each of the elements in the Emergency Financial First Aid Kit.  The videos are free to use and can be easily shared on social media and email.

Watch these videos and easily share via the YouTube link to tell others how the EFFAK can help them too!

Share the Message on Social Media

FEMA has created a social media toolkit with messaging and graphics that you can use to communicate the importance of the EFFAK with your networks.

Sample tweets like, “If a disaster happened today, could you easily find your crucial household, financial, and medical documents to recover quickly? Use the checklists in the free Emergency Financial First Aid Kit (EFFAK) to ensure nothing is missing” can get you started. Instagram- and Facebook-ready graphics can boost engagement with your posts.

Important Dates

April 1:  Webinar (recording) – Helping Kids and Teens Build Financial Capability

April 22:  Webinar – Penny Pinchers Tips to Financial Preparedness (10 p.m. ET, 7 p.m. PT)

April 27:  Webinar –  Addressing Your COVID-19 Vaccine Concerns (2 p.m. ET)


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