Early Notification System
City of Los Angeles


Early Notification System
City of Los Angeles
Get informed and share what you learn with others. Learn about and use the City's Early Notification System (ENS).

The City of Los Angeles is constantly putting out Public Information for the community. A variety of California State laws, including those related to the Brown Act, require advanced notice of government agendas, and schedules of meeting times and places.

At every government meeting the public is invited to comment on each of the Agenda Items, and there's always an additional ability to speak about general related topics during a Public Comment Period.

One of the easiest ways to get the LA government agenda and meeting information is by taking advantage of the online Early Notification System (ENS). Agendas and other pertinent information are e-mailed directly to anyone who asks to receive them.

Interested parties simply select those they want, sign up for them once through the LA City website, and the info is sent automatically by the system.

One can also easily elect to stop receiving agendas at any time.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Many government files are created and distributed in the PDF format, the file format used by Adobe's Acrobat Reader. The program you'll need to be able to read these files is available for free through the link we've provided above, and is a relatively quick download. If you don't have Acrobat Reader we highly recommend you download it to your computer now.

Early Notification System (ENS)

The first page we've listed here is a catch-all page, and may be too much to consider. For the most part community members will simply need to sign up for ENS information through one or both of the second and third pages listed below.

Just click on the link you want ...

1) Subscribe to receive e-mail notifications from LA City Council, Council Committees, Boards & Commissions; view calendar information about meetings, get Agendas and Press Releases; submit written Comments and get Contact Information about City Hall Departments; find your Council District, local police station, and more...

2) Subscribe to receive e-mail info about the LA City Council only:

3) Subscribe to receive e-mail notifications of any Commission and Board Agendas:


EDITOR'S NOTE: If you have any questions regarding
Subscribing and UnSubscribing to the ENS,
please e-mail the LA City website's

Mailing List Administrators