Join the LACP e-group
this is the easy way to do it !!!

Join the LACP e-group
Now it's easy !!!

The LACP e-group, established through Yahoo! Groups, is a free service that allows you to communicate in a convenient way to connect with others who share the same interests and ideas (in this case, public safety). Members join confident that it's in an easy-to-use, privacy-protected, and spam-protected environment.

By sending a short email through the link below we can set things up for you.

All you'll need to do is to send me the full email address you want to use, followed by a single space, followed by your name.

For example, my full email address is and my name is Bill Murray, so I'd send a request saying, "Please add me to the e-group": Bill Murray

NOTE: You don't need to give your full name, as I do, nor any at all ... but contact information will be appreciated, and kept private. Other group members will not see it displayed.

Once I get your message I'll send your info into Yahoo for you, and from then on, you're a member of the LA Community Policing e-group. You can immediately begin to participate in the dialogue !!!

Remember, all we need is:
your full email address, a single space, and your name

NOTE: All members of the e-group can post messages to each other, can chose from a variety of delivey formats, and can remove themselves by unsubscribing from the e-group at any time.

PS: Thank you for supporting your LAPD Officers.

Bill Murray