Criminal tees
- public punishment

Mike Mann, bailiff and probation officer for the Western District Court, shows off the shirt offenders must wear while performing court-ordered community service work
  Criminal tees

Ohio judge forces crooks to wear 'criminal-tees' that fit the crime, such as 'I'm a thief'

by Samuel Goldsmith

from the NY DAILY NEWS

September 7th 2009

This court-ordered shirt is sure to upset the fashion police.

An Ohio judge is forcing some convicted crooks to wear neon green t-shirts that read "I'm a thief" in bold black lettering as public punishment.

District Court Judge Jeff Robinson thinks petty criminals in his northern Ohio town will learn to behave better if they wear his unique "criminali-tees."

The theory is public shame will deter shop lifters from making the same mistake twice. Offenders must wear these t-shirts while performing court-ordered community service work.


Robinson concocted the scheme after he noticed "what appeared to be a huge uptake in the number of shoplifting cases occurring in the community," he told the Toledo Blade.

He decided shoplifters need to "suffer a little bit of humility," and had the bright shirts custom made.

The judge insists the fashion statement is working - and decided to expand the clothing line.

One man was ordered to wear a shirt that reads "I starved my horses to death," Robinson said.

The convicts have some obvious reservations about the duds.

"Do I really have to wear this?," one offender asked upon receiving the shirt.

At least one shoplifter offered to pay a stiffer fine instead, the judge said.