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September 16, 2014

Law Enforcement

Officer defends actions in questioning Daniele Watts
A Los Angeles police sergeant on Monday defended his role in handcuffing and detaining an actress who claimed she was mistreated because of her race, saying he responded to a routine call that escalated when the woman refused to identify herself. LAPD Sgt. Jim Parker, who responded to the call, said in an interview with The Times, Parker said he approached the couple because they matched a 911 caller's description of two people having sex in a car parked on Radford Avenue.
Los Angeles Times

LAPD says protocol followed in 'Django Unchained' actress' detainment
Police said Monday they followed proper protocol when they demanded identification from an actress and her boyfriend while investigating a 911 call alleging lewd conduct in a parked car. Actress Daniele Watts, who appeared in "Django Unchained," says she was unjustly handcuffed and detained Thursday after refusing to provide identification and walking away from uniformed Los Angeles Police Department officers who had responded to a report of unlawful conduct in a car on Ventura Boulevard in Studio City.
Associated Press

Commission grounds LAPD's drones until guidelines formed
As local officials debate whether and how to make use of drones, the Los Angeles Police Commission on Monday announced it has placed two of the devices under the authority of the LAPD's Inspector General until an official department policy is adopted. Police Commission President Steve Soboroff said the two Draganflyer X6 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), which originally were a gift from Seattle Police Department, have been held by a federal agency while the commission holds six months of community hearings on their use.
Los Angeles Daily News

14 California officers receive Medal of Valor awards at Capitol
Fourteen law enforcement officers, including three involved in a deadly shootout with cop killer Christopher Dorner last year, were honored by California Gov. Jerry Brown and California Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris on Monday. Speaking at a ceremony in the Capitol, Brown said the Medal of Valor awards are about "recognizing the absolute human necessity of duty, of courage and of solidarity, so our community, from the bottom up, gets stronger and stronger."
Los Angeles Times

Bicyclist shot in leg in Chesterfield Square
A bicyclist was hospitalized Sunday after being shot in the leg from a passing vehicle, according to the Los Angeles Police Department. LAPD officer Sally Madera said the gunman fired several shots at the cyclist in the 6000 block of Kansas Avenue, in the city's Chesterfield Square neighborhood. The shooting was reported to police at 1:38 a.m. Madera said the cyclist's vital signs were stable, but his medical condition was not released.

FBI's face-tracking program up and running
The FBI has initiated a tool to identify and search for people's faces, it announced on Monday. The facial recognition system is one of the new programs being rolled out as part of the law enforcement agency's new Next Generation Identification program, which it hopes will replace the current fingerprint-tracking system. As part of the program, the FBI will rely on mug shot photos to search for people and identity them by their tattoos, scars and other distinguishing features.
The Hill

New Law

State says drivers must give bicyclists 3-foot safety cushion
Three feet - 1 yard - may not seem like much in, say, football. But starting Tuesday, it will become a state-mandated cushion of safety for bicyclists, a measurement for motorists and the source of a potential fine for violators. The Three Feet for Safety Act, a state law passed by the Legislature and signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown, takes effect Tuesday - in time to help make bike riding safe during the traditional back-to-school surge in two-wheel commuting.
San Francisco Chronicle

Pending Legislation

Several domestic violence bills pending
Women's advocacy groups are eagerly waiting to see how many domestic violence-related bills California Governor Jerry Brown will sign. There are more than 20 on his desk. But several important measures have already gone into effect. In January two laws took affect that advocates say will help abuse survivors. One expands who can be charged with felony domestic violence.
Capital Public Radio


Voters support a path to legalization for immigrants here illegally
Though deeply concerned about the effects of illegal immigration on California, state voters broadly support a path to legalization for the nation's 12 million unauthorized residents, according to a new poll. Across major demographic and partisan groups, nearly three in four of those surveyed favor an overhaul of federal immigration laws.
Los Angeles Times

City Government

Assemblyman John Pérez won't run against L.A. Councilman Jose Huizar
Assemblyman John A. Pérez (D-Los Angeles) has decided not to challenge Los Angeles City Councilman Jose Huizar in the March election, his political strategist said Monday. Campaign consultant Douglas Herman said Pérez, who spent nearly four years as Assembly speaker, made the decision despite receiving "overwhelming requests from residents, from the community" for him to seek Huizar's seat. }
Los Angeles Times


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