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September 11th - LA Remembers America's Heroes....
LA Remembers

  The City of Los Angeles is in the process of planning several events honoring all of those who were affected by the events of September 11, 2001.

One of the activities in the planning stages include a rolling caravan of vehicles traveling through the City during the days leading up to the one-year anniversary, carrying mementos, poems, and artwork, all tributes to the fallen heroes of the tragic incident.

On September 11, 2002, on the south lawn of City Hall, at 11:30 am, a memorial service will be held, attended by the Mayor and other City officials. After the memorial service, a foot procession will proceed to Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral for a one-hour interfaith remembrance service.

These events are open to all who wish to join us in honoring the heroes of September 11.

Events Commemorating September 11th

AUGUST 12, 2002

Eleven months ago, the City of Los Angeles and its residents joined with New York and the rest of the nation in mourning the tragic events of September 11th. With 3 of the crashed airplanes headed for Los Angeles, and L.A. City Firefighters sent to New York to help in the rescue efforts, the impacts of this day hold a great significance for Los Angeles and our residents. And as we approach the one-year mark, we are planning several opportunities for the people of Los Angeles to participate in remembrance events throughout the city.

Because the events of September 11th affect all of us in many different ways, I feel that it is important that our remembrance ceremonies and events provide anyone who wishes several opportunities to participate. The primary memorial will be a rolling processional of vehicles, which will begin in the Valley at 5:46 am, traveling throughout the entire City of Los Angeles, and ending in San Pedro. We have set up a website - -- which, I urge you to check to find out about the most updated information on the processional route and the day's events.

The processional will include 2 police vehicles, a fire truck, a military vehicle, and an American Red Cross van. These vehicles represent the many heroes of September 11th, the selfless first responders, as well as the countless individuals and non-profit agencies that helped us to heal and pick up the pieces of a shattered time in our history. Also as a part of the processional, will be a mobile collage. The collage is an opportunity for all Angelenos to express their thoughts and pay tribute to our heroes. I invite all residents to submit their tributes on an 8 X 11 or smaller piece of paper, or submit a personalized LA REMEMBERS HEART, which can be either downloaded from the website, or picked up at every city council office and fire station. In order for us to put the collage together, I ask that those wishing to submit a tribute do so before September 2nd at any local fire station. Please know, however, none of the submissions will be returned, as the collage will go on display at the Fire Fighters Museum in Hollywood after September 11th.

At 11:30 am, a memorial ceremony will be held on the South steps of City Hall. The ceremony will include a moment of silence at 12:00 pm and be followed by a march to the Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels for an inter-faith memorial service. An honor guard, consisting of Police and Fire department representatives, and civic leaders, will lead the march. The processional and mobile collage will join the honor guard.

So that the greatest numbers of Los Angeles residents have the opportunity to be included in the memorial events, I am asking bells in churches, synagogues, mosques, schools, and other institutions throughout the city to ring at 5:46 am - the time when the first plane struck the first tower. Arrangements have been made for the Coliseum's Memorial Flame to be lit as a remembrance for all those who lost their lives as result of the events of September 11th. And, the historic Lindbergh Beacon atop City Hall will be illuminated at sunset. The beacon will sweep the Los Angeles sky until midnight. It's light will serve to signify the rays of hope for peace here at home and throughout the world.




They invite Los Angeles residents to contribute remembrances for memorial collage ...

LOS ANGELES, August 12, 2002

Mayor Jim Hahn today announced "L.A. Remembers," the City of Los Angeles's program commemorating the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. L.A. Remembers will include a procession of emergency vehicles that will travel across the city, a noontime moment of silence to pay tribute to the victims of the attacks, and a sunset ceremony of tribute at the Korean Friendship Bell in San Pedro.

The L.A. Remembers procession will include fire and police vehicles as well as a mobile collage. Los Angeles residents are encouraged to contribute to the collage by creating a remembrance no larger than 8" by 11" such as a photo, painting, or poem or by signing an "L.A. Remembers" postcard which will be available at local fire stations, city council offices, and online at

Remembrances may be dropped off at any local fire station or mailed to: L.A. Remembers, City Hall Room 303, 200 N. Spring Street., Los Angeles, CA, 90012. Items must be delivered by September 2, 2002 and will NOT be returned. After September 11, the collage will be displayed at the Los Angeles Fire Department Museum and Memorial in Hollywood.

"The tragic events of September 11 left a profound scar on the nation and Los Angeles," said Mayor Hahn. "With three of the crashed airplanes headed for Los Angeles, and the men and women from our fire department sent to New York to help in the rescue efforts, the impacts of this day hold a great significance for Los Angeles and our residents. It is important that our remembrance ceremonies provide Los Angeles residents with several opportunities to participate in events throughout the day."

In addition, Los Angeles residents are invited to participate in a lunchtime ceremony at City Hall that will culminate with a moment of silence at noon on September 11. The event will begin at 11:30 a.m. and take place on the South Lawn of City Hall (First Street between Spring and Main Streets). Following the moment of silence, participants will be invited to join a walking procession to the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels for an interfaith service.

L.A. Remembers will begin on September 11, 2002 with the ringing of church bells across the city at 5:46 a.m. PST. Information on additional events and the route of the procession will be announced in the coming weeks. Information will be made available to the public on the website. "Los Angeles continues to be touched by the tragic events of September 11, and moved by the generosity and compassion across the nation," said City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo. "As we approach the 1-year anniversary of this solemn event, I invite all Angelenos to lend their creativity and imaginations in contribution to the L.A. Remembers project as we join those across our country remembering our fallen heroes."

"One single, solitary day, September 11, was designed to bring America to its knees," said Controller Laura Chick. "It took our breath away but not our resolve. From that day we have become stronger as a nation. It is so important to remember that day and stand together. Mayor Hahn's leadership in developing L.A. Remembers will enable all Angelenos to share a part of their hearts and join together as one."

"Our hearts and our prayers continue to go out to the families of the victims of the events of September 11, 2001," said Council President Alex Padilla. "As we reflect on the past year, we are stronger as a nation, and together, we will continue to protect the values of freedom and democracy that we have cherished in this great nation for more than 200 years. May God bless America."

"For many of us, the tragic events of September 11 seem as though they just happened yesterday," said Councilman Ed Reyes. "Our entire nation was impacted in a manner that is beyond words. This effort set forth by the Mayor is appropriate because it shows that as a city, Los Angeles continues to mourn and to remember."

"Next month we will honor the memory of those lost on September 11 and we will celebrate the heroes who risked their lives to save others," said Councilwoman Wendy Greuel.

"We stand one city and nation united in remembrance of those innocent victims of 9/11. They will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. May their families and friends find peace at this most difficult time of remembrance," said Councilman Dennis Zine.

"I encourage all Angelenos to contribute to the L.A. Remembers project. Through L.A. Remembers, we can demonstrate to the world that our solidarity as a country and a community has not been affected by the passing of time," said Councilman Tom LaBonge.

"Since I visited Ground Zero in October, I have felt very deeply that we must ensure that the memory of those who were tragically taken from us is kept alive and honored with dignity and respect," said Councilman Jack Weiss.

"It's important for us to remember that we are one nation, indivisible, and responsible to one another," said Councilwoman Ruth Galanter.

"Through this commemoration, I hope the people of Los Angeles will show their solidarity with the people of New York and Washington, DC," said Councilman Mark Ridley-Thomas. "Every American has been affected by the tragedy of the terrorist attacks of September 11 and it is important we all reflect on its impact. The City's mobile collage will be an opportunity for every resident to respectfully participate."

"On September 11, 2002, we join those effected by the tragic events of 9/11 to pay homage to the men and women who lost their lives," said Councilwoman Jan Perry. "This will be an opportunity to for our city to come together with the rest of the nation to remember and reflect on the tragic events of last year and continue a valuable and necessary healing process."

"The solidarity that was demonstrated following the September 11 massacre, is a clear indication of how the American people feel about their freedom," said Councilman Nate Holden. "I support the mobile and urge everyone in Los Angeles to contribute to it through photos, poems, paintings or a postcard. This is one way to illustrate the depth of our feelings for our country and to remember those who lost their lives on that fateful day last year."

"I urge members of each community from across the City of Los Angeles to participate in this important remembrance of a day that has affected all our lives," said Councilwoman Cindy Miscikowski. "Take a moment to visit your local fire station or Council office and share your thoughts about the firefighters, police officers, medical personnel and the people of New York City as well as those whose lives were lost or forever changed by the events September 11, 2001."

"It is important for all citizens of Los Angeles to show their support for the people of New York and Washington, D.C., and the United States of America," said Councilman Hal Bernson. "These programs are an appropriate way for us to participate."

"I encourage all Angelenos to join us in remembering those we lost on September 11," said Councilman Eric Garcetti. "Uniting as a city to honor their memories is an important part of the healing process."

"I encourage the residents to participate in remembrance in our traveling tribute. I believe it's a great way to show friendship and unity to communities across our city," said Councilman Nick Pacheco.

"Together we will express our support and love for New York City and the victims of September 11, while displaying our strength and unity as a city," said Councilwoman Janice Hahn. "The mobile collage is an excellent opportunity for each Angelino to make his or her own contribution to the memory of that tragic day."


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