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Proactive Policing and the LAUSD

Jan. 10th

Dear Editor:

On December 30, graffiti vandals sprayed their monikers and tagging crew name on the doors and walls of Calvert Street Elementary School in Woodland Hills.

The school police officer sent notice to the school graffiti busters who in turn painted out the graffiti. Although a spray can was found, it was not used as evidence nor were photos taken and proactively sent to Councilman Zine's office who utilizes such evidence (POSSE) to help convict perps in the future.

A coordinated effort needs to happen to "connect the dots."

On another occasion, when a neighbor noticed individuals jumping the fence at three in the morning, she called 911 only to be told she had to call school police who responded an hour and a half later. Think she'll call again?


Roger B. Huntman
Woodland Hills