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NATIONAL SECURITY (the movie) and a tour of LA Community Policing

Jan. 20th

Dear L.A. Community Policing,

Columbia TriStar Pictures will release the action comedy NATIONAL SECURITY in Germany on February 27th 2003.

Therefore we are planning a huge raffle with a German TV station and a nationwide TV movie guide. We would like to raffle two trips to L.A. including a visit and/or tour within the L.A. Community Policing.

NATIONAL SECURITY with Martin Lawrence and Steve Zahn just opened in the US successfully on 2nd place at Box Office. Is that media cooperation possible? Would you be interested? Many thanks for a quick feedback.

Yours sincerly,

Svenja Homölle


LA Community Policing reply:

Dear Svenja:

If there is a way we can assist you with your promotion of the film NATIONAL SECURITY we'll be happy to do so here at LA Community Policing.

However please understand that LACP is entirely a nonprofit grassroots effort, and has no funding. As yet, we have no building of our own, and pay for nearly all our expenses entirely out of pocket.

But perhaps can act as guides for your contest winners taking them to visit some of the highlights of LAPD. Depending of the dates and hotel you'll choose we can pick the winners up in our vehicle and spend a few hours with them.

Parker Center (LAPD headquarters), LA City Hall, the Police Academy, the LAPD Historical Society and perhaps a visit to a local Police Station might be possible.

Please let us know if this would suit your needs ...

Yours in service,

Bill Murray
LA Community Policing