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Devonshire Volunteer Surveillance Team letter to Chief Bratton

Jan. 21st

Dear Chief Bratton:

The sixty all volunteer member Devonshire Volunteer Surveillance Team (VST) welcomes you Chief.

We have been assisting and serving the LAPD for over ten years. Our eyes and ears have made a difference in the Devonshire area.

This program can work in other areas of Los Angeles.
From the cover of PARADE MAGAZINE:

Devonshire VST members monitor the area for illegal activity calling in police when they spot vandalism, car theft, drug dealing.

We would like to meet and greet you at one of our general membership meetings and let you see first hand that the local community and the police really can form a partnership and work side by side to fight crime in their neighborhoods.


Fred Rennwald
Member, Devonshire Division VST Board of Directors