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The first step in ridding our nation of police misconduct is accountability

Feb. 9th

I think that the very idea of eliminating police misconduct without severe penalties for those officers that commit crimes is a joke.

First and foremost, the majority of the police in neighborhoods of people of color are not black or anywhere close to it. And they do not live in the neighborhoods ... therefore they have no vested interest in them.

They have no concept of what is going on in the communities, nor do they care for the most part. It is just a job. They have no respect for any of the citizens of these neighborhoods.

Councilmembers and Board of Supervisor members are excluded from the lack of respect list of course.

People of color are for the most part portrayed in a negative light on television, news, and movies. The general public believes what they see on television and hear on the news.

The first step in ridding our nation of police misconduct is accountability!!

This must start with all elected officials especially law enforcement agencies in general. It is not just the judges that must be accountable but the laws and the enforcement of the laws.

One of the most dangerous entities besides a wild wounded animal, or a terrorist, is a police officer who carries a gun and a badge and believes he is “ABOVE THE LAW” that gives him/her the authority in his/her eyes to enforce his/her will upon the unsuspecting paying public.

The secret code of silence that prevents officers from telling on other officers that have committed crimes, or covering up crimes of other officers must be broken.

If a common citizen is convicted of aiding and abetting, they are guilty of a serious crime, but when done by police officers it is a "code of silence" ... it is more like a code of corruption, that is perpetuated by a few to take advantage of the unsuspecting public.

Answer this one question: Why is it that Simi Valley is supposedly one of the safest neighborhoods in California? Is it because it is approximately 40 miles outside of Los Angeles, and a significant number of Caucasian policemen live there?