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Stop telemarketers from calling you - sign up now!

April 2nd

The State of California is making it illegal for telemarketers to call people who have registered with the Do Not Call program, beginning this October.

You can pre-register at this site:

This will put you on the list to stop phone solicitors from calling your home phone number once the law takes effect.

Martha Benedict
Montecito Heights

EDITOR'S NOTE: The link above takes you to the official webpage from the Attorney General of the State of California Department of Justice. I signed up for the Do Not Call program for my home phone just now and the simple process took all of two minutes. Talk about improving the quality of life!

A second community member adds the following:

I have another one for y'all. This is a link to a text script you can read off to a telemarketer to make it painfully clear that they are never to call you again in this or any lifetime. And it's legally binding to boot!

When you're feeling surly, and you actually get a live operator on the line, try this out. My housemate used it and was VERY satisfied by the results.