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The concept of “Community Government" is correct

April 27th

The concept of “Community Government” that Parks espoused is correct, and should be implemented. It is correct that all City Agencies should be willingly responsive to the needs and desires of the citizens. It is also correct that ALL officers should become acquainted with the citizens in their areas, to promote greater trust and mutual respect, as well as to facilitate criminal investigations and crime reduction.

Before WWII, such friendliness between cop and citizen was commonplace. As a kid here in L.A. I knew the local patrol officers by name, and they knew me and my friends. We weren’t afraid of them, they were nice guys. But they helped keep us on the “straight and narrow,” coming down hard on any of us that foolishly stepped out of line.

Our City needs to return to that level of rapport between officer and citizen. It will only happen when the officers stop and say hello to folks they pass on patrol. And it will only happen when command officers so direct their personnel.

Only when that occurs will Community Policing become anything more than the myth it has been.

Paul Robinson
Harbor C-PAB member