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Municipal police are a relatively new invention

April 27th

Dear Bobbie:

I could FINALLY go see your website. Pretty cool! Well designed, easy to navigate, clear and concise. (It's amazing how many sites don't get that!) And I'm glad to see it, I really am.

Municipal police are a relatively new invention, dating back to the Victorian era and Sir Robert Peel, I believe. Prior to that, it was simply expected that the community WOULD police itself, that every able-bodied person would, for example, respond to "STOP, THIEF!"

While I don't think we should return to the Victorian age, the idea that average men and women can't participate in the policing of their world, that it must be "left to the professionals," is just wrong.

I'm glad to see you and Bill are involved in such a worthwhile cause.

Laura King
Los Angeles