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NOTE to LAPD: Hire 320 civilians, you'd have 320 more sworn officers in the field

May 15th

Congraduations to the LA City Council Members who stopped the LAPD from expanding their departments' budget for 320 more alloted sworn positions.

If LAPD really wants to increase the force on the street, then take the already budgeted money for civilian positions (that are now staffed with sworn police officers), and hire the civilians to fill these positions.

The benefits are:

1) It does not take $100,000 to recruit, hire, and train a civilian, as LAPD claims it does to hire sworn officers;

2) It does not take 18 months before a civilian can do the position on their own, as LAPD claims it does for sworn officers;

3) The pay and benefit packages do not cost the City (and the taxpayers) as much for civilians as it does for sworn police officers.

Special notice to the LAPD Brass:

If you hired 320 civilians before the end of June, on July 1st, you could have 320 more of your sworn officers in the field, where the taxpayer expect them to be!

Former LAPD Crime Analyst

Los Angeles