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Don't give out your password!

May 20th

I just received an e-mail that looks like it came from PayPal. It isn't really from PayPal even though it has their logo and displays their e-mail address.

The e-mail says PayPal is updating its database and would like me to complete a form that asks for my E-Mail Address, Password, Full Name, Credit Card #, Exp Date, and my ATM PIN #.

I have confirmed from PayPal that they have sent no such e-mail and would never ask for private information in that manner.

Someone obtaining those numbers from you could empty your bank account and max out your credit card in a very short time -- long before you would know anything happened.

This is apparently an ongoing scam. I received a similar e-mail from Earthlink a little over a week ago.

Be careful.

Bennett Kayser
Echo Park