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My brother was shot and the police don't seem to care

May 27th

I am writing about my brother, Virgil Dee Gulley Jr., who is a "Hero."

He almost lost his arm to rescue a little girl when he saved her life by jumping in front of her and taking the bullets from an AK-47 assault rifle. It almost left him dead. He was hit a total of three times.

He's been in the Intensive Care ward at County USC Medical Center waiting for yet another operation to try to save his arm.

He was not acknowledged by anyone except the little girl and her family she wrote him a letter thanking him for saving her life.

But my biggest reason for writing is that I have since found out more details about the shooting that took place and it has enraged me behind being enraged.

I first discovered my brother died twice and was revived … once on the way down to the waiting ambulance and again on the way to the hospital … due to the amount of blood he lost.

He was caught in the crossfire of a rival gang’s retaliation for one of their gang members being stabbed by someone in the area.

I understand the gangs involved were the Main Streets and the 40's ... I guess they’re Crips.

But the most disturbing and frightening thing about all of this is that the Police Department could have made arrests that very day. This could have been a solved double attempted murder case, once not only my brother and again for the other guy who got shot by this band of hoodlums.

But the LAPD refused to do anything about it

My brother, dying and in pain, told the police officer who was with him that he saw the guy who shot him (and the other guys with him who were also shooting) go into an apartment … and he pointed it out to the officer who never even went there.

I was also told there were a total of 5-6 guys involved in the shooting. They started firing from all sides. This is a huge apartment complex, which spans from one end of the street to the other.

It is located at 641 W 41st Place, directly across the street from the Sports Arena on Martin Luther King Blvd.

Instead the officer went with my brother to the hospital, all the time questioning him like he was the shooter or involved with the original stabbing which he was not. He doesn't even know any of these guys and is not a Main Street or 40's gang member. He’d just moved to that area after living with me for over 15yrs.

He also gave the description of his shooter to the police officer and he still didn't do anything. He even said the guy was still carrying the AK-47 assault rifle as he watched him and four other guys go into this woman’s apartment.

I also found out this morning that the management company has a tape of what happened. Apparently they have security cameras.

Now this pisses me off. What are the police doing protecting decent civilians or the criminals who don't give a *&^%@ about human life?

My brother’s friend who was going over to visit with my brother the very day this took place also said he say one of the shooters put a rifle into the car and alerted another officer who didn't do a thing about it. So tell me … what is this???

And I was also told that there were dozens of police cars at the scene and none did a thing to put an end to this violent crime or the next one they will definitely commit.

They were located on the 4th floor inside this woman's apartment the whole time the police were there and will probably be there when my brother gets out of the hospital. If he makes it out.

My bother told me that the woman involved works at County USC Medical Center, the hospital he’s in now, and that he only knows her by "PINKY."

He was just taken out of ICU this evening. He’s scheduled for reconstructive surgery on Thursday and has to remain in there another 7 days following surgery. He is suffering a lot and I am going to try to get him help to relocate from where he lives. He can and is willing to identify the assailants in the attack.

The police department needs some serious house cleaning, and I am not going to let this go …

The hoodlums responsible for shooting my brother and another innocent guy, and who were about to shoot an innocent child, could and should have been behind bars right now!

They still walk the street looking for their next victims. Could it be you ... or me?

Ada Williams
Los Angeles
323 / 270-0046