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Update to my letter of Jan 24 - We know who killed my brother

May 28th


I wrote a letter back on January 24, 2003, regarding my 24 year old brother, Shaun Donahue, who was killed by a Venice gang member.

I wanted to update your readers.

The person who killed my brother is Charles Edward Yates. He is eighteen years old. The police was close to capturing him a few days ago but somehow he managed to escape. You can find his picture and profile on under the most wanted list.

My father, James J. Donahue was interviewed by Los Angeles Most Wanted today and channel 11 (Fox) will be broadcasting my brother's case this Saturday night (May 31st) after Americas Most Wanted.

If you could take a moment to possibly tune in, maybe you can help the LAPD catch this murderer and bring justice to my family. There is a $25, 000 reward.

Thank you...

Melanie Donahue