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Do we need a white Police Chief?

May 29th

Dear Sir:

I was born and raised here in Los Angeles. Being a black male age 64 I really don't see much difference in the LAPD today than yesterday.

It seems as though the police mentally is "them against us." When will people realize we are all of the human race? You not being black will never understand what it is like to be a black person in the world.

When my government called on men to go to Vietnam, even though there was so much discrimination in the world, the workplace and in the minds of most white males, I went, not questioning why should we be there. Not only did I go, but stayed for three years.

Upon returning to Los Angeles I was still treated unjustly upon different occasions. It is not any more dangerous on the streets of LA than in the jungles of Vietnam.

But, the difference I see now with the young officers is now they will smile and say hello.

We need a Police Chief that can interface with all the different factions in LA. The Police Chief should be fairly evaluated just as you are in business. Mayor Rierdon showed that you can run a political office just like a business.

The evaluation process should be rewritten. The Police Union should not be able to sway the public or the Police Commission.

I guess we will never be able to live in a LA utopia. I sometimes wonder if we should be allowed to carry fire arms and every man for himself.

I wont give up my rights as a U. S. citizen. I earned that right.

Thanking you,

Ron Pangaliman
Los Angeles