Letters to the Editor
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Gangs and Drugs event

June 7th

Hello Bill,

I wanted to thank you for what you do and your important participation in the June 1st event. For me it was a great introduction to what a community member can do to improve things and in what spirit it can be done. It's not just blah blah blah, I feel there is a genuine desire to really DO something.

Coming from France where there are very few such things--or if there is it's mainly to forward someone's demagogic political agenda--the concept of grassroots movements in this country is always a subject of wonder for me. You do find the demagogy and the political agenda part in this country of course, but not as widespread and certainly not as cynical.

Anyway, I also went to your LACP site which I explored almost entirely (except the links) and carefully studied. I felt tutored!! ;-) It's well done and easy to follow and I've certainly learned a lot. Now I can't say I don't know anything about the City and the Police in LA and how community policing works. Thank you very much for this invaluable tool. I'll pass it on.

And I'm looking at different ways I can include community activities in my busy schedule. Maybe I can start with a neighborhood watch on my street/block. I don't know if being a block Captain is very demanding time-wise. Would you know about this? I intend to call the SLO of my area anyway, and maybe visit Pacheco's office on Huntington Dr.

Also, if you remember, when I stayed after the event, I vaguely told you about a survey I wanted to do in my neighborhood as to what they felt was most needed for them. According to the panel at the meeting, it seemed to be Safety, at least in the general area of NELA.

But I think community members could do a survey at the smaller level of a few blocks in their neighborhood, with a one on one approach. I'm sure they'd come up with an interesting result. I know how to analyze a survey (I studied marketing a bit and worked in advertising once.)

Would you have an existing questionnaire or ideas for this?

Talk to you soon,

Corinne Simon-Duneau
El Sereno