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LAPD Reserve Officer Program - Why does it take so long?

June 18th

I have several friends on the Los Angeles Police Department including several Sergeants, a Lt. and several P2's. I have been inquiring about the Reserve Program that the LAPD offers.

I also have several friends who are reserve officers in other counties, and some in several smaller police departments in and around Los Angeles County.

I am 36 years of age, married and a father of one.

I called the LAPD Academy and to my disappointment I was told that the training program lasts 11 months. My friends who are with other departments went through their academy in half the time.

When I asked if they'd have gone through the LAPD program if it not for the 11 month training program, everyone said that they would love to be an LAPD Reserve Officer ... however, the eleven months was too long for them.

I would rather pursue becoming an LAPD Reserve if your training program was like those of other cities and counties.

My friends that are with other police departments would transfer over to LAPD if it changed the duration of the training. I for one would be the first in line to join the Reserve program if you had a more condensed program.

From what I understand there are rules and regulations as well as requirements that you must fulfill to becoming a peace officer in the state of California. So why would these other departments offer a shorter program and have the same post rating that the LAPD and the state law requires?

If you look into this matter and find a better way to cut down on the eleven month program and condense it like other departments, I can assure you that you would have Line Reserve applicants ten fold.

Not tech reserve but line reserve.

I am self employed and have a lot of time to go through a program such as LA County Sheriff's Department or those in smaller city's such as Maywood, Long Beach, Whittier and several others.

I think you will find more people like myself going through your program only because it's a well know fact that the LAPD is the finest Police Department in the world.

Like I said, I as well as several friends would be the first in line to join your Line Reserve Program immediately.

Thank you for looking into this, and I hope that the powers that be would consider looking into their policies regarding this subject.


Ron del Barrio
Studio City