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Alley traffic in Venice is rediculous - letter to Pacific Division

July 30th

I live right on the alley between Palms Avenue and the Lincoln Place Apartments, between the streets of Penmar and Lincoln Blvd. Everytime I see a patrol car cruise through the alley I feel great and hopefull that it may become a regular event. But to my dismay this isn't so.

When I say I live on the alley, I am not kidding. The hall leading from my building is literally 4 feet from the alley. This is not really an alley, it is a street without laws -- no posted speed limit, no warning signs for pedestians, and no respect for those who live on the alley. The homeowners on the south side of the alley are removed from the events of the alley so you won't hear from them very much.

The only ones continuously effected by the many numerous speeding vehicles, the prostitues and their johns, the drug addicts, the homeless, the alcoholics falling anywhere they please and the 24 hour recycling people who rummage through the trash cans and then crush the cans and bottles without regard to the tenants in the apartment complex.

I have even been verbally assaulted and physically challenged because I want to sleep at night. I know I should call the police when this happens, but you know as well as I that by the time someone shows up they're gone and I have pulled a car away from a much more dangerous situation.

We aren't even supported by the security of our management office because they want to destroy and rebuild, so any aggrevation is a good thing for them.

However, I live on a small salary and have been in west side for 45 years. I love my home town. I appreciate all you guys have to put up with. But isn't there anything that can be done about the lawlessness that is going on in this alley? Sure it isn't an epidimic but it is very unsafe most the time. Well at least 1 out of 4 times I walk out of my building I am confronted with some sort problem not to mention the problems of noise and racing in the alley.

I know you must really be busy with the more apparent crimes in the area and I know that there is a lot to watch out for in this town, but I would just like to put my two cents in with regards to the absolute problem this on 4 or 5 block stretch of alley has on a regular basis.

I alone try to keep some sense of respect for my neighbors by stepping up when I witness abuses going on. I have caught peeping toms, prostitutes, people using drugs, destroying property, not to mention the epidemic of individuals dumping anything and everything anywhere they see fit on this stretch of alley.

I sometimes wish I weren't alone in my efforts to try to remain safe in my community. Even though I know the management wants us all gone so they can do what they feel is proper for them, I love my little community and as long as I do remain here I will do what I feel is my part to keep is safe -- without violence and with as little conflict as I can avoid.

So, I have said my piece and I really hope it has not fallin' on closed ears. Thank you for being here to protect us.

Please if there is anything I can do to help let me know and I will try my best.

Steve Reed