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A great day for all law enforcement officers

August 1st

Dear Sir,

For the last few weeks I have been watching the Inglewood episode. I don't consider these officers to be [representative of] the highly professional police that are out on the street.

I understand the adrenalin rush, and know how hard it is to suppress it. Thats why we have to look up to law enforcement community and the job that they do.

I was born and raised in South Central Los Angeles. The police officers that we have today stand head and shoulders above the officers in that area of yesterday.

Today, when the two teenage girls were kidnapped from the Lancaster area, I watched the whole story [unfold] on TV.

[I learned that] ... all the police, sheriffs, CHP, and other law enforcements ... went back out into the streets and highways [after their shifts] to apprehend this kidnapper.

This was not a black or white issue. This was about two citizens who had been kidnapped.

Just like when we were affected by the event in Inglewood and spoke out about it, now let us speak out and thank the law enforcement agenices that went out and captured this individual.

Thank you,

Mr. Ron Pangaliman
Los Angeles