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"Homegrown Terrorism" - blame the Mayor and City Council

Aug. 8th

Dear Bmurray3rd:

I am back and as confused as ever. "Homegrown Terrorism" is when the Mayor and City Council approve that "stressed out", low morale, unable-to-work-a-full-week policemen are allowed to work "off duty" in uniform, in business districts.

These are the same LAPD that are so over-wrought that they need a 3 day per week work day to survive ... and now they are given approval to work part time as security guards while they are "healing" from their stressful jobs? There is something terribly wrong with the minds of our elected officials at City Hall. There are plenty of security guard agencies that would do a fine job securing "business districts" in Mr Zine's elite District 3.

Does anyone know, other than the LAPD, how difficult it is to get an officer of the law to respond to a resident call in Southeast LA other than for a gang related incident? And they make sure the persons involved are good and dead before they arrive. Other than that it's "don't call us we are eating." As for Jim Hahn, if he had a mind to lose, he has lost it!

I am so [upset] with this city governance and the weak decisions that are being made at City Hall. If someone does not stop this madness, we will all be consumed shortly.

Ready to vacate the city,

Elizabeth McClellan
Southeast Neighborhood Leadership Development Council, Co-Chairperson