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British girl, 14, wants info on how to prepare for LAPD career

Aug. 17th


i am a 14 year old female from england (u.k.).

i have always wanted to be in the police force but not english police. i was wondering what qualifications i would need to pursue my dreams of becoming a cop at the l.a.p.d? because when i go back to high school we have to pick different subjects to study.

and i need to know what age, how to move to usa etc. i am going to college/university as well because i want to study criminology. i wondered if this would help me??

please reply with information!

cameron broadhurst
manchester, england

EDITOR'S NOTE: We wrote back to Cameron with some information and ideas we hope will help, and we put her in touch with our friend Commander George Gascon, head of LAPD Training. We congratulated her for reaching out this way at such a young age, and encouraged her to continue preparing herself for a law enforcement career at LAPD.