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Grassroots Events - 7am, 9/11/02 - Paying Respect to the victims of September 11th

Aug. 21st

Dear Mr. Murray,

I would like to share the following with you, the citizens of Southern California and those who visit the LACP website.

This tribute that will be taking place is a personal endeavor, by the people and for the people. It involves no corporate sponsorship, no donations are be requested and no one is making any money on it. In addition to several Congressmen, mayors, representatives from the California Highway Patrol and various chambers of commerce, the public will be joining us for this short, early morning honorary tribute.

The tribute will taking place this coming September 11th, 2002.

We are coordinating this tribute in thirteen southern California communities, from as far south as Santa Ana, to as far north as Fillmore. The thirteen locations will be representing the Original Thirteen Colonies of the United States. The locations will be in the parking lots of the thirteen Super A food stores, each location representing a Colony, and of course, open to the general public. We have invited the local Police Departments and Fire Departments.

We are coordinating with the Chambers of Commerce and the Super-A-Stores in each community, the American Racing Pigeon Union Inc. and the volunteer staff from California Country Music Association.

The tribute will not be a long one and is scheduled as follows;

7:00 A.M.
At each of the Thirteen locations, Twenty-one White Homing Pigeons (same species as Doves), will be released representing a silent twenty-one gun salute to the victims. The birds will be released by twenty-one boys and girls of, various ethnicities between the ages of 7 to 10. Local Pigeon clubs are supplying the birds and will be coordinating the simultaneous releases at each location. These birds are all trained to return to their homes.

7:05 A.M.
We will observe one minute of silence.

7:06 A.M.
A total of 3,056 additional Homing Pigeons, of mixed and various colors, will be released, one for each of the victims. 235 trained birds will be released at each location, by members of local Pigeon clubs. Each bird will be tagged with an ID number representing a victim.

We are especially encouraging the participation of children.

We would like to invite you as well as any other members of your staff, and everyone else, to join us at any and all locations, per the list that follows.


Tom (Slim) Lattimer
1039 S. Chantilly St.
Anaheim, CA 92806-5027

Leo J. Eiffert Jr.
9511 Devon Street
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730-4053

"Respecting Our Privileges (Freedom)"


Delaware # 1 1010 South Main Street, Santa Ana, CA
New Jersey # 2 935 W. Duarte Rd., Monrovia, CA (Our Command Post)
Pennsylvania # 3 6101 S. Rosemead Blvd., Pico Rivera, CA
Connecticut # 4 13120 Downey Ave., Paramount, CA
Georgia # 5 6380 E. Florence Ave., Bell Gardens, CA
Maryland # 6 2245 Yosemite Drive, Eagle Rock, CA
Massachusetts # 7 2925 Division Street, Los Angeles, CA
New Hampshire # 8 2924 Beverly Blvd., Montebello, CA
New York # 9 300 West Main Street, Alhambra, CA
South Carolina # 10 8116 California Street, South Gate, CA
Virginia # 11 5250 York Blvd., Highland Park, CA
North Carolina # 12 725 Ventura Street, Fillmore, CA
Rhode Island # 13 425 S. Soto Street, Los Angeles, CA

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

If any community members would be able to lend a hand, or need any additional information, please ask them to call me.


Tom (Slim) Lattimer

Anaheim, (714) 630-4334