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My compliments on the outstanding LACP website

Aug. 24th


The LACP website is outstanding. My compliments to everyone involved. The site is incredibly informative, EXTREMELY fast & easy to navigate, and organized in a way that is both logical and telegraphic.

I find your section on Neighborhood Councils to be especially helpful. Unfortunately, much of what the City puts out is written in such "bureaucratic-ese" that it's laborious trying to plow through and decipher what's actually being said. You manage to distill info into key points and articulate things in an easily understood fashion.

Out of curiosity, who designed the LACP website and who's the Webmaster?


Consuelo Gomez
Wilshire Vista Neighborhood Association



We have a website staff of one. It's kind comments like yours that keep me going.

Humbly yours in service,