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"9-11-01 Tribute to Patriotism" - a poem by Jesse Gladson

Sept. 1st

EDITOR'S NOTE: There were many beautiful color photos which accompanied this poem. Because we were not sure of copyright infringements, we have decided not to post them here. However, the author can be contacted through the email link provided below, and can perhaps send you a copy of the poem, including the pictures, privately.

"9-11-01 Tribute to Patriotism"
.............. by Jesse Gladson

One morning I awake,
To the scariest possibility
An attack on America,
The largest in history
Our lives and freedom
We take for granted
Innocent people slaughtered
I don't understand this

The world watched
With a tear in its eye
As the planes crashed
And smoke filled the sky
The nations watched
Your plan in action
No respect for life
Or human compassion

Selfish acts of violence
With nothing to gain
Thousands of lives taken
Leaving only pain
Terroristic attacks
Impose on freedom
We shall strike back
Guaranteed to defeat them

Our people, our planes
Our serenity was lost
It's time for redemption
No matter the cost
Children lost parents
And vise versa this day
All the damage that's done
Won't easily fade

Nations stared in awe
Gazing a harsh reality
Out of windows people fall
Attempting to avoid fatality
And thank you to the firemen and police
So mighty and brave
Who risked their own lives
For the ones they could save

The world united by terrorist impact
Appalling images with up to the minute facts
Commercial planes used as bombs
With passengers trapped inside
If I could talk with the one responsible
I'd have to ask him why

We don't need nukes
To settle the score
With the world behind
Our retaliation
Send in bombs, missiles
And troops galore
Make them rectify
This ethical violation

A true American
I'm proud to be
We live how we want
Happy and free
Born and raised
In these great states
And our heritage
They can't ever take

To protect this country
We would fight till the end
But peace and freedom is
The message we send
Every color, creed, religion,
And race living together
In America's melting pot
Like birds of a feather

This is to all Americans
Whose lives were touched this day
To think that public safety
And freedom wont be the same
I offer you all my feelings to share
A reminder that we the people care
I wish for peace to fill your hearts
With happiness and smiles
And the strength to carry on each day
Showing the will to survive


.... Jesse Gladson
..........© 2002