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A "thank you" to Captain Jackson, LAPD Northeast Division

Sept. 10th

Thank you Angelenos out there for helping us evicting those drug selling animals!!

Dear Captain Jackson from LAPD (and every single Angeleno out there that had something to do with the Drug House at Verdugo Rd. and Arthur St.):

We, the people of Glassell Park thank everyone of you out there for another big step to an end to this 5 year old nightmare. Finally, those drug selling animals were vacated from the Drug House. There are still some independent brokers coming and going and striking deals in open daylight at the parking lot of the Azteca Meat Market. I am sure and positive it will be a matter of time for LAPD to chase them away.

There is harmony in the air and the street is calm and quite for the most part. It is a great feeling not to live in constant fear anymore.

We, the neighbors are very happy to see this change. It is a very positive change. Once the entire nightmare is behind us and every single of those animals do not come back to our neighborhood, I will personally organize my neighbors and start a neighborhood watch program. I still feel it is a little risky at this time so I prefer to wait until it is all clear and start laying out the foundation for a future calm and safe area.

Again, thank you all very much for all your support and protection.

We, the people thank you and continue offering our support to put the very end to this old negative issue in our community.

May God bless you all always!

Alonso Calderon
Improvement Chair and Citizen Forester for Glassell Park