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Another "thank you" to Captain Jackson, LAPD Northeast Division

Sept. 18th

Dear Captain Jackson:

I would like to thank you for continuing your efforts to fight the Drug Brokers and Drug Sells at the parking lot of the Azteca Market on Verdugo Rd. and Arthur St.

I was told that last Friday afternoon a couple of your officers made some arrests at the parking lot. I understand two people were arrested. A friend of mine came to my house and after he picked me up and while we were driving by the corner, we saw the officers taking off.

The street feels much safer and we do not experience the activities going on day and night anymore. It really makes a difference.

Again, we, the residents of Glassell Park thank you and your associates for helping us cleaning up our neighborhood and making our city what it really is, A CITY OF ANGELS, NOT a city of animals.

May God be always with you and your department and KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

With much respect and regards,

Alonso Calderon
Improvement Chair and Citizen Forester for Glassell Park

cc: Mayor James Hahn