Letters to the Editor
... input from forum participants

Thank you for the article about our CHP led Neighborhood Watch

Hi Bill,

My name is Jodi Bruce and I am the Neighorhood Watch Coordinator for the Merrihill Community in Carmichael - Northern California.

I SO VERY MUCH appreciate that you posted the article written by our awesome CHP officer, David Longo. He has meant so much to our community and continues to do so much. I am glad that he is able to tell his story to such a wide audience.

EDITOR'S NOTE: click here for article ==> Merrhill Neighborhood Watch

Since Officer Longo told me about your website, I have spent much time browsing and enjoying the testimonials and articles that are published.

I can't say enough about what he has done for us and again, I appreiciate your willingness to assist him in getting his story out.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have more officers like him???!!!!

Thank you so much,

Jodi Bruce
Merrihill Neighorhood Watch Coordinator
Carmichael, CA