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An opportunity to help the fire victims - dogs and cats

November 5th

If anyone reading this has the time and the inclination, or knows anyone who does, here's an opportunity to help the fire victims.

I have been working with the rescue groups in San Bernadino. Norton AFB is the evacuation site. We are sheltering about 200 dogs and cats for people who have been displaced by the fires.

Experienced animal handlers are desperately needed to walk, feed and care for the dogs and cats. We are currently working 14 hour days, due to the number of animals and lack of volunteers.

Anyone you or your group can send will be greatly appreciated. The Red Cross has cots and a room for us to sleep in and food is plentiful, vegetarian and vegan included!

Please round up whoever is available.


Sheryl Greene
San Fernando Valley

cat crossing
818 / 716-6416


Also call:

Brian Cronin
Humane Society of San Bernadino:

909 / 882-2934