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Letter to LAPD in North Hollywood - noise problems are mental health issues

There are two problems that are growing around L.A.

I live in North Hollywood, on Lankershim, between Sherman Way and Saticoy. Car Alarms and permits for outdoor gatherings complete with live bands and D.J.'s.

One of the focal points is a "business" known as Salon De Renta Para Fiestas. I'm told they have a permit, but this is an empty lot with no building on it. Just an overhang that acts as a band shell. There are a lot of apartments and houses nearby and we are not happy about this. It's hard to believe they got a permit in the first place. You can hear the music up to several blocks away. What were you thinking? This is clearly a violation of my civil rights. I have a sneaking suspicion the owners of the business did not tell you it was outside.

The second problem is car alarms. They are almost always false alarms, and the laws concerning them are a joke. The owners have no idea they are even going off most of the time. You need to update the ordinances to correct the problem. If the alarm goes off twice within a short period of time, it should be a ticketable offense. By the way, the same places that sell these alarms, also sell car stereos with deep bass subwoofers that are in violation of laws already existing.

Although these may seem like small problems, they will become big problems if nothing is done. It's Sunday morning. I spent five hours last night having to listen to music from a nearby party, and an hour already today, listening to a car alarm constantly going off. I'm not putting up with this any longer.

This is a Mental Health Issue!

Please Help

Mike Sirkin
North Hollywood