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A new Lifetime TV series seeks stories of couragious women

Nov. 22

Lifetime Television is looking for stories of courageous women for a new weekly primetime series. "Final Justice" will be hosted by Erin Brockovich and seeks stories of women- that like Erin- have fought the system - persevered in the face of multiple obstacles --and won final justice in the end.

The key elements to each story are:
..... The injustice - the obstacles faced - and the final justice won.

Each segment is told on location by the subject in their own words. Also key are the family members, lawyers, politicians, law enforcement etc that are pivotal to each case.

Here's are a few examples of the type of stories that work for this show:

~ The journalism students at Northwestern University - who through their persistence gained the release of four men wrongly convicted and serving time in prison.

~ A mother who suspects that the violent death of her son was caused by bikers--Goes undercover in the biker world to uncover evidence of her sons killer. Her relentless search for her son's killers and the evidence that finally brings them to justice takes ten years.

~ A mother who fights for a new law against stalkers after her daughter is continually terrorized by a man in their neighborhood. When she finds there is no law to protect her daughter --she created one that makes stalking a felony.

There are heroic women in every city that are fighting injustice and winning. Wed like to share their inspirational stories with the nation. If you know of such women, or have resources you'd like to share - send stories today (we are working on deadline) to:

Eyvette Jones, Producer