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Inventor has simple product that puts officer safety first

Dec. 5th

I am an inventor and designer of a very new and effective reflective traffic control glove that is a must for officers. It is called the GLO GLOV. I am an ex-wife of a policeman/fireman and became involved in traffic safety in our small town in Oregon many years ago.

After one of my ideas (silence on school buses at railroad crossings) became a state law, and thought of the speeders strip, I was empowered to continue dreaming ideas that would help bring home the man (or women) we love after a long day on patrol.

Fifteen years ago I had a dream. An officer was directing traffic in adverse weather at night and as I approached the scene, I could NOT see the officer, and the overheads were blinding me. All I did see was a flashlight swaying back and forth.

Was I to go right or left? Stop or proceed?

It is very intense for a driver to come upon an accident scene, they would never want to cause more chaos. So, I dreamed the solution....

The Glo Glov's were born 5 years later when I started the prototypes. ( I laugh at them now) I have willingly dedicated my life to perfecting this product and have other's in the making. Digging thru the trunk to find your emergency kit could easily be deadly.

Think about it! With the GLO GLOV's you simply and quickly grab them from under your seat or side panel, THEN you proceed out of your vehicle and continue with traffic control. It could save your life. One can now direct traffic from two directions at the same time after dark!

The most awesome outcome of these reflective gloves is that they have been documented visible up to 1/4 mile with headlights and 4 miles with Night Vision Goggles after dark although they are also very effective for day use. I envision officers wearing them when there is a man hunt with the chopper overhead looking for the suspect. If all the officers in the area wore Glo Gloves, then who would stand out?

Glo Glov's are also made to fit over other gloves and are made here in Oregon.

Thank you,
Lynette Warneke Gray