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Website, organization created to break the senseless cycle of gang violence

Dec. 6th

To Whom it may concern:

My name is Erika Washington, my husband's name is Tracye Washington. Tracye is the originator of a website/organization that may be of a huge interest to you and the task at hand to cease the senseless cycle of gang violence.

My husband, a hard core gang member for 29 years, was released from prison in March of 2001 after doing 12 years. He has enlisted the help of California's most notorious gang members, from behind the walls of the CDC system and has dedicated his life to redirecting youth.

Please take a moment to visit his website and read our mission statement. My husband is well respected in all gang-communities and well known. He wants to help and has the backing of the "OG's" that the young gang members of today are trying to emulate.

Let us help.

Erika K. Washington
Public Relations
2201 E. Willow, Suite D # 302
Signal Hill, CA 90755
562 / 256-1035
562 / 498-4475