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West Wing episode features amendment limiting judicial discretion in sentencing

December 8th

Dear Friends:

You might want to make a note of this upcoming episode of the West Wing (and advertise it to whoever else you think might be interested):

"On January 14 The West Wing episode will show President Bartlett, just before the State of the Union Address, deciding whether to veto a popular piece of legislation because it contains an amendment limiting judicial discretion in sentencing (he decries the "War on Judges" being waged by some in Congress). As a signal of the seriousness of his purpose in opposing long mandatory sentences, he also considers commuting the sentences of a number of drug offenders (as recommended by the Justice Department)."

(That is a paragraph that was approved for circulation by the producer of the show.)

You could probably also say that the episode includes a scene in which the President talks to the President of FAMM, whose sister is serving a mandatory minimum drug sentence. (Does that sound familiar?) It also includes a scene in which the President discusses the Justice Department's clemency recommendations with the Pardon Attorney, whose name is Portia Colgrove.

The plot is really pretty terrific, though there are a couple of terminology and minor glitches.... The important thing is that President Bartlett rises to the occasion in typically courageous and principled fashion.

(I had a chance to chat with Martin Sheen and most of the other cast members when I was on the set last week -- they are actually very smart peple and interested in the substance of what they are doing.... And I found the shooting painfully repetitive and was glad I only had a day to spend there . . . )

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