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And Yet Another Senseless Murder - Friday night in Venice

Dec. 16th

Last Friday night, December 13, 2002, a young man was killed (shot in the back of the head) and the friend he was with was injured. The family, which I have known for over 13 years, [and] myself are totally and completely devastated at this moronic act of violence. At this point, I cannot relate the feelings and emotions that I am holding in my heart and gut.

I have not heard a word about this shooting in Venice by the media.


This young man was to turn 25 years old on December 19th. Because of this plague of spineless, moronic, criminals that has beset Los Angeles, another life has been taken.

What does it take? Senators, Presidents, Congressmen/women's children to be mowed down before a real plan of action is devised? Something must be done about these hoodlums and the plague they are causing!! What a tragic way to bring attention and put to rest these ignorant demon's from hell. Just because you have not been emotionally touched with this senseless acts of violence, you can no longer shelve the issue and sweep it under the rug, and take your sweet time about it.

Do the families just sit by and do nothing? Why doesn't the LAPD keep families abreast as to what is being done? They have a right to know what the status is in bringing their children's killers to justice.

Gangs ... a group of spineless morons that set out to kill and intimidate everyone for there own selfish means ... for fun? ... for initiations? No, No ... these are not human beings but animals that should be put to death.

I do not know where to begin, but I want to bring a message to everyone. Not only the Police Department's, but the general public as well.

We cannot, will not and MUST not allow any more of these senseless acts to happen any longer. The general public must get involved! We all need to stand up and report any/all criminal/gang violence. If the Police Department gets inundated with calls, make them do their job! Get out there and correct the problem before another person is killed!

I'm sick of these hoodlums thinking they can get away with murder (which they are doing).

If they wish to kill, gather every gang member and send them to Iraq to fight. Give them the opportunity to kill and get killed on a one-on-one basis, rather the COWARDLY way they choose, to kill unarmed innocent people.

I for one am fed up of all this violence and the pain that is caused by these animals.


Yes, I am angry! I can't remember when I was THIS angry.

S. Stevens
Venice, CA