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Police pursuits - there's a lack of respect for authority

Dec. 17th

Most citizens when approached by law enforcement will say "yes sir -no sir or yes ma'am - no ma'am" even if they have not used these terms since childhood, out of respect for authority.

Those individuals who flee from officers should be chased and apprehended because they lack this basic respect for authority. Likely it is these individuals that hurt our communities and cause an even greater harm to public safety, than the risk and danger posed by high speed pursuits.

Even if the initial offense appears minor - fleeing an officer makes the offense major, as it speaks volumes of the person who would attempt to evade Law Enforcement. Criminals should not think that by driving fast and reckless they can possibly avoid arrest.

We can not live in a society without risk and high speed chasing is a risk I accept in order to live in a community that respects authority.


Eric R. Ali
Al-Madinah School